Sunday, July 13, 2014

Still love Hazzard, but getting Duked out.


Anyone who knows me at least well, knows I am an incurable DOH fan, I loved it I lived it, I darn near worshiped it. But I’m getting very Duked out. Not leaving Hazzard, as Hazzard is not a place on earth but a place in the heart, and a way of life. But I’m drifting away from so much Dukes, and focusing more on the Hazzard part of Hazzard County.

I think if anybody was honest with themselves they’d find that they feel that way too. It’s one thing to be a DOH(Dukes-of-Hazzard) fan, and a Hazzard County activist. It was to be honest it was the Dukes that got me to digging into my own southern heritage roots and heritage. I had always had a thought that we as a family were different than these Yankees, but the knowledge hadn’t reached me yet. Even so, I had no real knowledge. I knew that every other year Dad would fly to Warner Robbins Georgia, to do military service and I’d go to Uncle Bill’s place just outside of Conyers. Of course I saw similar places on TV, mom told me that was Uncle Bill’s town where I’d go, but I never put it all together.

It wasn’t until mid 1981 when we did up the gig with our Charger aka General Lee, that I began piecing together Hazzard, was in fact Conyers GA.

With that in mind, in 2011 I was introduced to a fellow in GA that had this streaming radio station located at : , now the Knytes had been trying to do that for years but just did not know how to get there,. It was last year this time, some 2wheeled TV guy from California came on board, and told me how to get there. The rest is pretty much history, but we are now at But it might be a bit of an adventure to explore what brought us here.

The club, as it is was formed in 1981 after we had built our Charger. The club was initially constructed as a marketing project, bring em together sell hot rod parts and service. Soon however the club that began with 10 members 7 of which worked at the shop, grew into 50 throughout both Utah as well as home base in Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho. Shortly after my Mom passed on and the love of the DOH cast through that period, separating me from Hazzard was like cutting of an arm. Powers that be, moved me out of Hazzard, first to Boise then to Pocatello, and it seemed every six months after. To put it honest, Boss Hogg had nothing on the Trustees of Mom & Dad’s estate, nor the way funds were dealt to me every month. In fact it wasn’t until just this month, I am now able to write checks, more on that another time.

The Hazzard County Knytes(Knights) was constructed from DOH and the HollyWood Knights>hollywood_knights_ver1_xlg however even then many were getting Duked out. The story lines were getting stale , many being repeats with just slight reworks. They were using miniature cars and doing stupid unbelievable stunts. By 1985 the show sunk into Hazzard pond. But I had promised and so did the club to preserve the shows legacy. Long before there was a Cooter’s Place, or anything close , the Hazzard Knytes were securing property west of Hazzard to build a Hazzard/DOH theme park, called Hazzard County CSA. Then all too many things happened and while we never lost members we never gained any. Mostly and this is what pushed this even more, we could not get any local or national press ink, nor TV ink, nor radio noise. The club existed, just was not that active. Until, 2000, when in the blink of a thought of the discovery of 4 F4U Corsairs, that the AyreWolvez was founded as a subsidiary of the Knytes. Of course this reinvigorated the Knytes. In  2006 when I moved to Tweaker Flatts through a bunch of events, that the thought became, lets give DOH a hard push. With A ABC Family Channel movie and a big screen thing that DOH purists hated, the timing to capture the tailings of DOH Hazzard Fever, was required. So I started doing this gig in Pocatello on Vision 12 there, and shortly after moved to Goon’s Ferry, and eventually to Gooding Idaho. With the help of Erin, our Nurse GoodBody>just me and erin  the basics of what formed as HazzardAyre became solid. But getting back to the club. In 2008 there was a mention to be able to take things Hazzard out of the rural south and more into Urban eyes, there needed to be a change in names. The idea was to go back to what the club began before we and Hazzard got together, that being an honest to goodness, big rig LH OTR organization. How to bring that and DOH mainly Hazzard County together? It was on a very cold, snow packed Tuesday night in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. No place to go, and the cliché let it snow let it snow. The only thing on TV was SOA. The wheels turned and after beer 20, it was decided to rework the clubs name of things as Hazzard, retaining the Knytes, and things over the road, in Anarchy, and in 2009 it was voted on and became secure as the Knytes-of-Anarchy. KOA is not a bikers club only related to as such as with the name, more of a big rig otr lh, truck/trucker group, coupled with a southern history/preservation group. But Hazzard would not be forgotten. In 2010 it was decided to bring Hazzard out of the closet, and recreate the name Hazzard Knytes as the regional charter of the Knytes-of-Anarchy. But how to make that public. With me being on air as the AyreWolf, barking about military aviation, the club and I got together and a choke and gag in  Burley, take our newsletter and make it a syndicated radio show. Nobody bought it. But with Hazzard County tenacity, we decided that it was time to have our own station, with the heart being HazzardAyre.

Even with the several attempts to putting the Dukes back on TV, few are doing anything new. Those same old episodes get boring. Once you can say every piece of dialog. You get to a point of saying, why isn’t anyone doing anything new?

It just so happens we are, but again its not coming from the usual DOH camp. Its coming from the HCK(Hazzard County Knytes) camp, in developing a TV show/pilot movie called The Hazzard County Knytes, with less Dukes, more Hazzard County.

We’ll be shooting the majority of the series in Morgan Utah, and our casting agent will be Vickie of TMG of Salt Lake City.

So in closing, we Still Love Hazzard, but we got Duked out.


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