Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Air Traffic Control: Before we get mad, remember what we are here for.


When I sit and do coffee with the Reaper Crew or the Wolf-Pack, I often bring this to a boil, and it relates somewhat and why the freeze on Cooter’s A1 with Comcast, likewise in general.

When the decision was made to relocate myself from Twin Falls,Idaho to Metro-Utah the decision was made on doing three things. 1: HazzardAyre Radio, 2: bringing my flight rating up, to commercial verticle(helicopter) , and three merging HazzardAyre with AyreWolf Aviation, bringing to the forefront Hazzardayre Aviation. The move was Not repeat NOT to bring to simmer a towing service. If all was needed was to strictly go towing I could have remained in Idaho, and just relocated to Burley. Much money and pain would have been the result. There has been all too many including my Bishop saying throwing away the radio station, and reducing costs would be smart. Perhaps so, but I did not bust my hump for two years with the culmination of HazzardAyre Radio, going full tilt this coming October. In fact we have a big party planned on both TV locally and nationally, in fact we are inviting our sweet Laura here as a special guest without whom we could not have made HazzardAyre possible. That said, the second part is I have to reduce personal weight a bit more before I get into the cockpit full time, but that is happening. And last of course merging HazzardAyre into AyreWolf Aviation, which is a big deal but is progressing to become Hazzardayre Aviation. But I need to wrap this as I have domestic chores to do, I’m trying to get things in line to be outta here by Friday, for Oshkosh, for AirVenture. But I must repeat, and perhaps Comcast pulling the plug right or wrong, but them pulling the plug on Cooter’s A1 reimpressed the need to remind ya’ll. We did not, nor did I move here to go towing, I came here for HazzardAyre, up my flight rating, and Hazzardayre Aviation.

Stay tuned, on air at 21:00

L8R Aviators.

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