Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Could it be done better than Sturgis?

hazzardayre poster boardRyders Blues

With Sturgis just another week away, and the problems of the fuzz always in the face of open minded entertainment and fun. The thought is if the Knytes threw a bash could it be done as well and as aggressive as Sturgis say out here in the west ? Or would the fear-of-LDS thing get in the way. Could one throw such an event in Evanston, Wyoming?

Trust me the Knytes are looking into such an idea, but then I’m sure just about every mc in America has tried to upstage Sturgis, so the question is; could that really be done?

I was going to be on air tonight but from still hacking all night, but hacking all day my voice box hurts and is to scratchy to be on air, but I’ll be on in some way Thursday eve.

So in closing, the question is; As grand as Sturgis is, could it be done better if it was held or another rally held elsewhere?



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