Monday, July 28, 2014

Well Dog My cat


Well Dog my Cat, supposedly The LDS Bishops Store House, is closed on Mondays. So no delivery there. Wouldn’t it be nice? I thought all of these outreaches of the beloved and held high religious organization that rules most of Utah and southern Idaho, was open all week, every day.

So left there , went by the bank, all good on our accounts, came home and wondering if I should eat what I didn’t finish yesterday for leftovers, or feed that to the darn cat, and make something else.

Then saw on my email our Comcast sales-exec sent me some docs, problem is I can’t write on PDF’s, very good, if at all so I’ll have him send those docs by snail mail.

Over coffee this morning met with the rest of my Reaper Crew and Wolf-Pack, all are game for reworking Cooter’s A1 into RodeWolf likewise turning up the heat on Hazzard County Choppers(HCC) which is why I’m dancing around with Comcast to begin with.

Saw a possible candidate for a RodeWolf, SheWolf last night, in the neighborhood, but in all ethics and standards you can’t just stand up and ask such questions.

Still trying to make up my mind on location of Hcc whether to go to Evanston, and toss Metro-Utah in pile 13, chalk the effort to a good trying learning experience, or to try and sniff out another facility other than the one we have in Morgan, and add one location in either Ogden, Layton, or somewhere in amongst that. Let ya’ll know Friday. If I4, allows for what we can do, we’re there, if not, after the last two months I’m not going to be looking at remaining in Snob state too rich for our blood Utah.

In the old days, making money meant taking a risk. You try it at least once what ever IT is. Example; back in 2002 the Wolf-pack looked to building the only at the time streaming military warbird aircraft enthusiast’ radio station/website. It was territory we’d not been in before. It was sheer madness, with the limited crew we had at the time, trying to do 24-7-365, streaming on demand radio took on some serious logistics and infrastructure problems. Over time we worked those things out at least moderately. AyreWolfFM soon became HazzardAyre, but we wouldn’t have made it this far, if we’d have chosen to sit on the porch and not jumped in with the big dogs. Back then we struggled with Comcast Spotlight advertising as well. It wasn’t the rates etc, it was the inventory of programs on prospective networks got axed so we declined. Of course nobody called to inform of us when those same shows on those networks, were renewed.

Comcast has some real organizational problems. Okay for that corporate giant in NYC and that end of the Yankee Union, but out west here, I think Comcast gobbled up too much and in many cases is choking on it.

The people at Comcast Spotlight Advertising, here is they look at a small firm and don’t think that small firm just may have bigger corporate brethren. Case-in-Point, Hazzard County Choppers, partly owned by myself and 70% owned by the Knytes. Yes the real SAMCRO TC/MC. That means Hazzard County Choppers is owned by the membership of the Knytes, of 50,000 plus members coast to coast, and just 1,000 in Utah and so on, means those 1,000 would be more inclined to give Spotlight a run for their own business’s. It’s a be nice to the club, the club is nice to you. Piss off the club, the club will bury you. In ways you can’t imagine. What that means, is, you deal with me, you also deal with 49,999 other Knytes, their wives(who have business’) the kids. Their kids and so forth. Its called be nice to me or your going to loose much more than me.

My advice open the door, get in your ride and slide up here to the RoadHouse and bring rates and paperwork, or at least give me the telly number of FX so we can buy ads from them.

Yes the club is that well oiled.(funded).

Any mile see you l8r on the radio.



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Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
--Dr. George Washington Carver
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