Monday, July 21, 2014

Increase in latency and, the last months blues


Another day starts, and the state decides to fart, and that causes latency problems.

I am going to get a computer tech geek in here this week to configure all the gear , prior to relocating to Woods Cross next week. It might be infact my mouse and keyboard, after all factory gear is often not made with the idea of long life. But if I find the computer here okay, then I’m going to look at Comcast and ask why the slight delay between the time I check a box, and the time the source checks the box. Okay then.


So was sitting on the back of the Wolf-Pup, and chatting on my cell phone, yes got a plan through HazzComm, for $30.00 a month unlimited text and talk. can you imagine what’s going to happen when HazzComm starts running cable and internet. $40.00 a month, 200 for sure mbps, 100 Up, cable and TV on a completely optic fiber line. Any mile was chatting with Karl in O-Town,(Omaha Nebraska) on the big road, and I related that even today I have to get with my next door neighbor Dave, hope I can beg like a dog gone hungry, for $20.00 to get gas, snuff, and scrips. I hate begging anyone for any thing, and the thing is I could dump the radio werx, but if I do the club will not pick up on it again. And I’d hate to think that all the sacrifice and all was for nothing including moving here. So how do you fix? Either reduce costs, or stretch your fixed costs as tight as you can. Between the office and studio apartment, I’ll be paying $600.00 a month, with a realized for a time personal income of $165.00 Give or take. The radio werx and club  making more on it, but, as for ye ole me, means at least I’ll have real cash in my pants each month. So Dave my good friend hope you read this in time, bring home an extra $20.00. Granted $165.00 ain’t much but most months unless I rob Peter , to pay Paul , fudge, on rent etc, if I see $30 to $50.00 each month.

Consumers today are looking for quality and experience from people providing products and services. The money tree is dry and with a full blown World War on the front bug shield, things are going to get even more expensive. Things are going to change and if we are to be helpful in pushing those forces back, we better stretch each dollar until Washington’ ears bleed.

So Dave my good neighbor, remember I need to bum, $20.00, as for the rest a cure is needed.

I’ll spell that out later.


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Men achieve a certain greatness unawares, when working to another aim.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
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