Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ASS KICKER kicks harder



Is it morning yet? I thought as I lay awake thinking of all the tasks that lay ahead.

The relocation on the horizon next week or so, the new office/studio, then TV ads and the like it’s a big job. All the while keeping 6 toew trucks running fetching needed green and that’s the short form.

The real deal here is this, in just 5 months HazzardAyre itself went from a virtually unknown entity, to a online radio property. Likewise with the launch of Highway Hooker Radio, www.livestream.com/highwayhookerradio we are about to do some kicking major butt.

The history of Highway Hooker is nothing new to those that have kept track for the years stretching as far back as 1977. What started as a over the air syndicated radio show for over the road truckers, was reworked in 1985 as the only radio show for those who tow. For all the titles of radio shows that have came and gone throughout the time frame, the little Highway Hooker has remained a staple, just as HazzardAyre’s parent, Dixie-Diesel Radio.

From the early days in Boise, to Pocatello, to American Falls, to Blackfoot, all the way to Rupert, the one show that has kept it together , the glue if you will, is Highway Hooker Radio.

While the title has put some off a bit, it has its origins to the name of my company at its birth, as well as cB radio chatter, it says what it is, a radio show, for us who tow.

Over those years I have seen the rise and fall of so many trends. From the near abandonment of the trusty sling, to wheel-lifts to carriers. I have also seen the fight to get rid of the word Wrecker, replaced by tow truck. But I’d like to take this a bit further. What if we began to get rid of the name or phrase tow. Or even Toew? How about replacing that with the term, Disabled Vehicle Rescue. The equipment we use can go by the slang term Disabled Vehicle Rescue Unit, and us who do the tasks involved with the politically correct term, Disabled Vehicle Rescue Technician. Or DVRT for a shorter version.

I have seen companies collapse in favor of bigger ones merging into larger ones, I have seen pioneers in this industry die, and/or relax, few fully retire. Through it all Highway Hooker Radio has been there to document it. When the original Phootenotes came, Highway Hooker Radio was right there to support that publication. Too bad it came and went so fast. While T R Footnotes does a great job, if you move and forget to renew your subscription they never remember you.

Likewise, if you have a fit with one of their writers, they never publish anything YOUR group is doing. Highway Hooker both in print as well As Highway Hooker Radio, has never been that nit picky. Even Bambi has enemies , not everyone in towing is going to like a competitor, but the RodeKnytes Association and its custom/sport rig subsidiary, the Toew Bro’s Association has retained its membership of 2,000 since its inception and conception back in 1976. The reason the organization was founded, was simply all the major players, from TRAA(Towing Recovery Association-of-America) to various state towing councils, and organizations, never recognized the contribution, of the younger and green horn owner/operators coming up the ranks. Who was there to train us? Nobody so we organized so we could do various training operations to hone our skills.

The RodeKnytes was the very first organization of towing that created a certification course, and got many in state government, starting with Idaho’s as well as Utah’s. Long before there was a Donnie Cruise, or WreckMasters. Only one publication gave us ink back then, Tow Times did up an article, but none since. Likewise the only organization to have a working radio station for and of towing, is the RodeKnytes and yes Highway Hooker Radio. When the issue of tow chasing, became a real problem in Idaho, few wanted to tackle the condition. Likewise having to nest thousands of abandoned and no pay vehicles. Who co-wrote the Idaho Lien Law? Yes the RodeKnytes. And Highway Hooker Radio was there to tell the story.

So the next time, someone asks you about Highway Hooker Radio, you tell them , that Highway Hooker is the one that is the ASS KICKER in toewing, and Highway Hooker kicks harder.



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