Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ogden Utah, soon to be known as Snob Hill

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This next entry will no doubt get me tons of crap mail and all , but it must be said.

Now understand, once upon a time one could find just about everything in Ogden. It was a place of prosperity, and commerce. It still is, for the chosen few. If one has super deep pockets. Yet in the face of it Ogden is in a state of urban blight. One only need to drive down Wall Avenue to Harrisville and you see buildings for rent, sale and all but the price for those places, is astronomical. You’d think at those prices one would see gold plated sidewalks.

The recent improvement on the LDS Temple here is seen as a big boom, but many know with thousands of LDS temples being built all over, why would even come here just to get hitched in the new Temple, more over spend any serious cash.

Shit, Bountiful has a temple on the hill, visible from the entire valley yet one can find things in a reasonable price range to create a business in.

When such publications as Forbes and others rate cities or places to grow a new business in , when it comes to Utah, Salt Lake City and Provo, come in the listing. By comparison, Boise Idaho is also ranked as one of the top ten places. Go figure.

Huge big firms don’t care about costs, but remember even the Wal-Mart’ and such were SMB(Small to Medium Sized Business} But here’s the thing.

Ogden needs jobs, it needs commerce yet will slam the door on anyone wanting to rent a office or shop for less than $500.00 a month. You’d think, that Ogden has milk and honey running down the avenues.

I was talking to a gal up at the 711 up yonder on Harrison Blvd. She told me she had to work 3 jobs just to get by. No time for a social life. On the same highway of thought. My neighbor next door, who I drink beer with and kill kats with, works for one of the largest grocery chains in the Mountain West, and even the nation. Yet only make $19.00 an hour. The median wage is $10.00 and why? It costs the firm or company more to do business, namely the cost of the warehouse and or store as in the case of 7-11 .

Ogden was a good baby step, but if we as a media firm of a military aviation club, are to grow a radio station and such it has to be more affordable. Now we have our place. Soon I’ll be living in Wyoming.

One last thing.

AyreWolf Aviation is being shut down. Seemed a bit to self serving as some said, so on radio still AyreWolf, the aviation company will be named after our radio network, HazzardAyre Aviation,

Tactical Search And Rescue(SAR) and agricultural aviation>hazzardayre aviation wyngz stay tuned.



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