Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can’t it just be simple?

ayre blawg hedder

So attempted to salvage a door on Wolf-Pup, but I think I made it worse. With darkness rolling in, and a connecting rod between the locking mechanism and door handle I decided that is enuff.

So came inside, thought I’d download that Shoutcast encoder system, but could not find where I put it, so sent a request for the link.

Okay then, on the babe hunt stuff.

METV/104(Good 4 Utah) is going to be shooting the TV ad here this week or next. However I think Vickie is not yet up to full speed here.

Michele is for the TV ad, but I need to sit down with both Vickie , Michele and the rest of the sweethearts to be the poster girls for the on air banner, which looks kinda bland right now >site cover the idea is to have Michele as well as some of the rest of the sweethearts I saw at the audition session as hurried as it was, but to have it look a heck of a lot like this>site cover with MicheleThis way it kinda retains the attention of the viewer and listener.

Now why such a hurry? Two; August 1st we pay for the new studio/office in Woods Cross, Utah and will be moving there as far as HazzardAyre Radio. So I’d like to get as much shot and produced before everything is unplugged, and a few shows recorded that are new before the relocation. That means doing some videography of not only Michele, but some of those other gals.

Of course there’s another reason. Facilities have been obtained , thanks to Knytes Member Nate Brown, of both home and shop, likewise the Evanston, Uinta Airport will be HQ of the reworked HazzardAyre Aviation. This means at the end of August this old wolf will be kicking my shoes in Evanston, and just coming down here three times a week, record shows, then go home. Eventually a mini studio will be built in Wyoming, for HazzardAyre Radio, but as it’ll be the radio-media thing will live and germinate right here in Wood-Cross, while the old Wolf here will prowl in Wyoming.

Of course there is the production of the ads for Cooter’s A1 Toewing, complete with southern accent and toew kiss,>louboutin-cinderella-slipper-e1335460782603-620x384promo shot While that seems easy, the shot itself is cumbersome at best without a bit of rehearsal. I did it cold once, while it turned out okay, I nearly gagged on the gals feet, and she was so ticklish when I breathed she danced around so much that what should have taken a couple hours, took nearly all day. Sure the videographer and model(from Barbizon) liked the extra hours showing up on the bill, still my accountants and me didn’t. It just cost too much. While I want that again the who, is going to be used to me and me , her. That way it is just a few hours. This means booking talent time with Michele and a few others, kissing her toes for the needed 15 minutes, and getting the shot. Since we are on the subject of toes. Since we use it as an amalgamation of two words tow and toe, as well as in so much of the printed and published works of HazzardAyre News, such as on Phoote(foot)Notes etc, I want to book a day with at least 4 models with choice feet and toes and killer legs. Do some photography.

The full site should be out by the first of the year, but this is called production.

And that’s why I’m booking time now with Michele as a start.

My thoughts on that Monday.

Finally, needing sleep and finishing the truck, am going to the airshow in ST.GEORGE Sunday morning.

Now its not just us going as a spectator. There’s a surprise, a flyover in formation of today and yesteryear. 10 planes. 4 , F-4-U Corsairs on the left, 4, F-18- Hornets on the right, with one of the only remaining restored F-14 Tomcats and my Corsair at the lead. Should be great, but to do that I need to be top in the sleep department.

TTYL*8*R Aviators,

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