Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not Yet Established, is she kidding?


Last preve eve, as I was just sending an email directed by the club, I got a reply from Vickie of TMG.

In that reply, was the thing that made me think, hasn’t she kept up with the history of us? Mustn’t be, since she gave the impression of us here at Confederate Star Media not being well established. To which I say, really? There are very few excluding KSL, media firms still owned by, still operated by, and still licensed by the FCC to the people who started it. That firm is us. Confederate Star has been in business since 1976, we went on air the fall of 1975, and have been the home of off the wall rebel, anti-establishment radio. There are few TV stations and even some radio stations that don’t shudder when they hear that WE are in town.

Well established? Is she kidding. Now credit wise, not so much, mostly due to things conned into that we decided to back out of and not pay for due to lack of luster results or performance, but the parent of HazzardAyre has never gone bankrupt and we have been kicking Over the air radio’s butt for 40 years how more established can one be?

On the subject of TV.

I saw a revised issuance of FCC fees for new stations, more over a proposed extension for LPTV CP’s. Both are telling me that some filing windows might just be opening. More over new station capabilities. Imagine HazzardAyre as a over the air TV station as well as radio? Not just Internet. Loose in the dust of Hazzard County, some TV station sales execs that are reluctant to return phone calls.

News and views and shows that don’t do just the same old news stories everyone else does.

So to Vickie and TMG as well as some others, not Established? Don’t make me laugh, more like the Wolf in amongst the sheep. And the sheep are worried.



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