Saturday, February 28, 2015

One lost Cable TV customer for AllWest


Just when I get my TV going again I find that our local cable company here AllWest doesn’t offer a

simple Basic or expanded Basic a channel as CMT or Spike. Really? How can that be? I’ll be a customer of

AllWest for phone and Internet, but as of this week, I’m subscribing to Dish Network.

At least there I can at least get most if not all the channels I need, and desire.

AllWest really needs to come to the 21st Century.



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The dang dress is not blue, it’s turq and gold

BIG HAG HEDDER greetings1

good morning So I go to my Yahoo, and find more about this dress that seems to have captivated the social pages.

First: Who the heck cares? There’s enough going on without putting so much out there about a dress.

How about we get to see the model wearing the dress, at least we could comment about her.

By the hwy the dress is turquoise not blue, but some say its blue, its turquoise and gold.

Good Morning



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I’ll never buy another Facebook ad


Like I posted last night about getting serious about>FULLY DRESSED so for shits and giggles I put an ad up on Facebook. They come back say its approved, only to find a message from them this morning in my email saying the ad had too much text. But the bastards at Facebook didn’t refund any money either. I’ll never buy another ad on Facebook for >FULLY DRESSED or for the club>koa mwc logo2  nor for >AYREWOLF AVIATION LOGO 1_thumb Facebook and Mark Zuckerburg can kiss my rebel ass. Of course I only spent about $20.00 on there, So I’ll live, but I’ll bet some damn college boy in Palo Alto California GAY bay thought, “hey I don’t like that, I don’t understand it” Piss on em.

Don’t buy an ad on Facebook, buy ads on HazzardAyre Radio, it’ll do you better, we’re not so politically Correct here.

Okay then, It’s Saturday, looks to be sunny at least this morning, but going to get snow tonight. I am looking forward to the council meeting, much to chat about in the club, I’m also looking forward to turning up the heat on>FULLY DRESSED its all about going back to core values.

So in closing, Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook, kiss my rebel ass, I’ll never buy another ad on Facebook. I urge all Knytes-of-Anarchy koa mwc logo2 members to also never buy another ad on Facebook.


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Friday, February 27, 2015

Not giving up, just getting back to basics

BIG HAG HEDDER hhtoew lawg

It might seem that I’m giving up here, but its not. Got word today, that installment payments to I4 in Woods Cross Utah was not to their liking. So it means taking a different tactic and going to see an attorney and sue them, for breach of contract. Their claim was that I abandoned the space. Really? And leave all my equipment? No way, so I’m suing for breach of contract, interruption of mail, undue process and a few others, so with the radio works on hold, need to go do what I do and why the radio station was first constructed for, us , trying to make a few bucks driving a toew truck. If I’m not toewing, I should not be on the radio. All too many try doing that, put on a front, or be a poser, but have no idea what its really like digging out a disabled big rig in 3 foot or better snow banks. I remember all too many radio jocks, who did radio for over the road long haul truckers. They’d get on there doing an act, yet had no real idea what its like to have to chain up to get over Lost Trail Pass in Idaho, or repairing an inside dual tire on a cold Wyoming night with 89 head of bauling bulls in a 52 trailer rockin and rollin. Dave Nemo, and others worked inside a climate controlled studio in Nashville, not ever really driving 18 wheels.

I made a promise, if I quit driving toew truck, I’d get off the radio. But it goes much deeper. I’m tired of my life just rolling by. My vehicles including my toew truck going to pieces , sacrificing so much for an extended reach, a big gamble at best. I’m tire of moving, doing without, leaving people and things behind just to satisfy the dream. Sometimes we need and I’m finding this out even more these days, you have to put the thing in Heavenly Fathers hands. If Heavenly Father wants this radio gig done, by me, he’ll make it happen, he’ll inspire the Bishop of my Ward to ask Priesthood members to maybe give me a loan to rescue the equipment and all needed to make this radio gig happen. As for me, I’m stripping away just about everything, going up on April 1st, fetching LexiBelle>37299_123730071003099_6489055_n bringing her back to Evanston here and just going toewing. In essence live a simple, humble life, and after all isn’t that what Heavenly Father wants us to do?

I sent $300.00 over to Dan at Magic Valley Transmission in Twin Falls today, sent off for new tow chains and tag lights, and come April 1st weather permitting, I’m on my way to get my baby.

I’m taking the rest of the year off from club duty, and focusing on 4 things, the first reaching the next level of my Priesthood, increasing my involvement with the church, even to the point of doing Temple assignments, 3rd building up my toewing company with the same handle that I started with in 1978, Highway Hooker Toewing. Even paid for an ad on Facebook, ya’ll go and like us there will ya?

Any mile, I’m very tired and weak, my insides have been twisted and squeezed all day. The stress of the club, radio station and all, just brought me to the point that I said, I’ll keep working at that, but I’m also taking a year off from all of that to get my own house in order. Do you realize, that next month I turn 56 years old, my time on earth is nearly gone, pretty soon , I’ll be towing in the Celestial Kingdom. Before I go, I want to tow here on earth, before I get all too old.


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Don’t a gift horse in the butt

BIG HAG HEDDER good morning

There are times its great to stay up in the morning.

I just discovered, uncle , put money in the cash stash. Groovy, now I can take care of some things, except the weather is so snowy, still might have to wait until Monday.

Some would say, well your in toewing ya’ll ought to love the snow. Thing is LexiBelle is 250 miles away a condition I’m fixing later today, and if I ain’t making money going toewing, me no likes it when its snowing.

Okay then lets get to the radio station salvation fund drive, not much yet, but maybe through some serious praying some person with some deeper pockets will shoot out a check for the project, so hey maybe. For now that’s the monkey on my back so got to live with it.

Overnight tuned into both HazzardAyre and AyreWolfFM on Livestream, and even though not live there right now, the music, humor and all of it was soothing. So as I dug on the music, I was reading this study guide from the church. It always talks about families and wives and so on. My big problem here in that, very seldom does there ever become information or advice for us who, have missed the ship of getting hitched, and even having a devoted companion. How about some mind and soul opening 411 from church leaders and all about how to first find a good LDS woman, how to cultivate a solid relationship that leads to a courtship, then marriage in the Temple? I’d like a study guide(maybe there is one just have not found it) that deals with being single in a congregational environment so aimed at being married. Where does it discuss the situation of Heavenly Father giving us the chance if not a second or third chance at marital bliss and union? Why isn’t there some advice or at least a class in the church or at least someone or a group assigned the task of being matchmakers for us in the church who want the blessings and enjoyments of marriage, but just somehow missed grabbling the right brass ring of that ?

As a youth in the church, we have lots of opportunities to meet people of the opposite gender to engage in healthy and clean activities. Mutual, Young Men and Women’s groups, Seminary etc. What happens when your well beyond those years? Used to be in some Wards and Stakes, that Relief Society women would get together with members of the Priesthood and help guide the singles in those wards to meet. There were dinners, and dances etc that helped unite, hearts, lives and souls. Today, find me an active church committee that does some matchmaking and I’ll buy you a root beer. No one has to venture outside of the healthy environment of the church to bars, and other similar places, where finding someone of the opposite gender just to have dinner, or a night out.

I’m not questioning the guidance or teachings of the church, that’s not it, I’d just like it if some of that teaching would or could be directed at us in the fall of our lives who are alone. What do we do?

Any mile, much to do today.



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Thursday, February 26, 2015

So sad , but we have lost America


As I get ready to head for bed on this snow covered evening here in Wyoming, I have some bad news.

I think the people have lost America. We no longer champion nor support, those things being built, grown, and seeds being planted by people born, raised, here in our nation. If your a man who sits at the head of a table of an organization, dedicated to vintage, military warbirds including helicopters, add to that a mission to save southern culture and heritage. Forget, getting much if any help from such online fund raiser outfits, like KickStart, or FundMe. Nope, you have to be a minority, female, none wedded mother with an idea of some useless closet organizer or saving some bird or ancient reptile to get people to help and donate.

In these days and times, and I suffer with it too, but I get multitudes of emails saying donate to this or that. Many I do, but many I see are just somebody trying to line their wallets. In our case, its a mission, to resurrect a online as well as over the air radio station, that tells the stories of those brave men and women, mainly Navy and Marines, that strapped on a helicopter or a combat fighter aircraft, flew into harms way in support of ground forces. Or did the historic and saved the day somehow, in battles after battles. A radio station and corresponding network online telling of those brave pilots, like Greg Boyington of the VMF214 BlackSheep, letting people know, not only was the squadron real, but still active, based out of MCAS Yuma Arizona. To most the name is of an old 1980’s TV show. Forming an historical library of military aviation.

The club has just about done everything, so far. The building is built, the staff in place, all we need now is $2,500.00 to buy studio equipment, and our goal will be met. I know that money is tight, but for many $100.00 is almost throw away money. If just 25 people from across the nation donated $100.00 we could be back on air as soon as April 2nd 2015. All anybody needs to do to verify our project, is go to or this is not a scam or fraud its real.

Look many people owe their lives to those who flew overhead protecting them, maybe some of you could see your way past a night out on the town and take that money and send that $100.00 donation to us. If you missed it, the address is HazzardAyre Radio 96 East Hayden #C-202 Evanston Wyoming 82930.

Don’t let us loose America, don’t let us loose this radio station. Donate today.

L8R Aviators


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Good Luck in getting 30 up and 60 down sezz the cable man

BIG HAG HEDDER good morning

sO get up due to internal belly growl, in the middle of a bowl of Reese's cereal and who is at the door.

Guess a post on their Facebook page, got their attention. Seems the problem might be in my old laptop here, so what else is new, ya’ll get what ya’ll pay for right? Not always. Seems as though in town they can do a bit better, but not able yet to achieve the bandwidth speeds of metro Utah, at least not just yet. Which brings to the table the question, why even completely move HazzardAyre? Negotiations are under way to try to retain the current studios, paying back the back rent and me commuting to Woods Cross 3 times per week, until its firmly determined if Evanston Wyoming or Garden City Utah is the right location for the Mountain West’s HazzardAyre radio over the air station.

Got some quirky news overnight.

It seems that there were quite a few uncounted votes in club elections, especially those from our members in the Persian gulf and mid east military region. As such it looks like after recount, Ben Jones(aka-Cooter) stays in as President of both the Hazzard County Knytes/Knytes-of-Anarchy.

Sorry Charlie.

Uncle Jessie said it best, for every road that leaves home, there are two that lead back, however not in every case, sometimes there are too many potholes and mudded out lanes on the other road home so one needs to reroute, and consider a detour. In my case the road home to Hazzard, will be through Montpelier, through Soda Springs Idaho. Not just a direct route straight to Hazzard.

I truly miss the gurgling of both Hazzard and Billingsly Creek, out Hazzard way. I truly miss the days of just sitting on an old hollow tree, teasing squirrels, and watching killdeers. The reasons for my departure from Hazzard are many, most to do with three over ambitious real estate sales people and two foundation trustees trying to make cut a fat pig in the ass. Both deals fell flat. But we’ll get there again very soon, as plans are to REBUILD the original location of HazzardAyre, right in Hazzard and have the flagship station there, and operational in 2016.

Finally two memorials for the CSA, in two restored monuments, thanks to some of our SOCV members in Georgia.

unnamed unnamed (1) Job well done, see what happens when southern folk unite. Now if we could just get ya’ll to contribute to the save HazzardAyre Radio fund, we’d have it made.

Going to take some meds and head back to sleep.


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