Friday, February 20, 2015

is it possible to have brains with beauty?

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Getting into a thread of conversation here, In my last post I mentioned that we are looking for photo talent for the shop, toew service and of course radio station/website. The ideal thing would be to find a few local gals with a extraverted personality that doesn’t mind doing a few things out of the box. With that said , and if I’m wrong I’ll gladly correct it, but any gal who has even the slightest amount of a WOW factor in their looks are often , not always, but often dumber than a bag of rocks. Of course hotties don’t need an education, or intelligence as their looks, gets them a guy, with money who will support them, no matter how many times she cheats on the guy. You know she will as most gals with a package is not satisfied with just one guy. Hey it’s the rule of the jungle.

Then you get the movers and shakers of the model talent world. I have met only a handful of gals in the pro model profession that has a brain that still function, which relates to my previous thread here, beauty does not apply to brains. The fluid gets frozen between the genitals and the mind.

For us I have only met a very few whose minds function. First of them all, is our Miss Dixie Diesel of 1993, she could out think and create faster than I could, we complimented each other well. Should have hooked up with her instead of Janice, then I would have never discovered the final frontier of Evanston Wyoming. We’d just be making children and building a super truckers radio media station.

Of course the second is, Erin>156620_162274433815329_2784886_n She came into our Gooding studio, did the foot kiss thing without a single hiccup. Again she offered , I should have caught the pitch.

After that was Meredith of Farmington Utah, not only eager but able.

The rest of what I have worked with either are sweet, or fugdugly , the fugdugly’ have brains just not body and sure enough , no legs.

Yes, if you want to get my attention, show me legs in stockings, and you have my complete attention.

So as I close, are there any gals with looks , that have intelligence? If so we want to hire you>news ad

Until L8R

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