Sunday, February 15, 2015

Say good bye to the Food Stamps


COOTERS JOURNAL1EXE So went to church all is well, figuring I could help with dinner so went to Smiths to get a few things, and come to find, only $3.33 IN THERE, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happened to the other $185.67 that went in on the 11th? I knew I should not have transferred my Utah EBT card to Wyoming. This move is costing me more every damn day. Like I said last night, Two more months of this and Wyoming can kiss my tush. Hell I have never had  so much farting around and simple clerical screw ups in my life. Hell when I did my temp move to Utah, for the last month, I could still use my Idaho EBT card for an entire month. IN UTAH. The lady at the DFS office here, said no problem, I should be able to use my Utah card here in Wyoming until the Wyoming card was issued, but talk about embarrassing? Needless to say Tuesday morning I’m at the local DFS office with my foot up someone’s butt. I’ll sure be glad to get the radio works up and running so I can tell these social agencies where to stuff it.

Its once again Yankee stupid and its infecting everything. Robert E, should have wasted Grant and let Jefferson Davis be the President of the entire nation.

The Bishop was barking about Presidents day here, this morning in his talk of honoring our Presidents, Lincoln and Washington. I might could be okay with Washington, but never Lincoln. Big fat liar he was. It was all I could do , to not get up and debate the issue.

I’m willing to bet money that I never see that $185.67 from Utah either. Utah and Wyoming need to go see how social programs are done in Idaho.

Stay Tuned, TTYLY(Talk,to you , later, ya’ll)

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