Saturday, February 14, 2015

so let’s Spend some money with the bastards


Only a few days now until I have my master computer with all my gadgets back.

Thanks to the Uinta View Ward of Evanston , the equipment in Utah will be, being hauled up here on the 27th of February, and should be back online full throttle by April.

Then the final piece to my puzzle, bringing LexiBelle here to Evanston, and all will be right in my world.

Which brings me to several of the things that was discussed preve night, here at the Wentworth through a web conference of the Knytes High Council.

First reviving the SpeedTV channel, who better than the Knytes to do it and bringing to light Highway Hooker TV the only news and lifestyle TV show for us who tow. See for details.

Our young (and I do mean young) all around fix it person here at the Wentworth, decided to have several of his friends here overnight, which kept me awake.

Next the Knytes are getting froggy and eager to nearly take over this tiny town on the edge of the Wyoming/Utah border.  Not so much as Evanston is a great place albeit okay to exist in, but because we can do business in Utah, without having to live there with the high taxes and all. This includes licensing of Knytes Industries and so on.

One of the other things we discussed was the Wentworth, here.  While the domestic campus management is doing an excellent job thanks totally to Janet the current management , the company that oversees her and owns this facility is going in the toilet.

As it is most contractors for things such as plumbing, electrical, etc will not come out here to the Wentworth fearing not getting paid.  Just this last week I saw CenturyLink, damn near cut em off due to not paying the bill.

Much renovation needs to be done here to bring the facility to code, despite grandfather clauses, many of which will expire this year, according to sources that HazzardAyre news talked to.

So the Knytes are going to do what it always does, buy out the Wentworth, update, upgrade, and renovate. Lower rent to low cost housing requirements, and lower rent rates to area needs not the high rent rates that those in Lewiston Idaho or Eagle Idaho compare to. Dig this; looked into the company website that currently owns the Wentworth here. Its not very transparent.

I look at this from two points, the main one being Janet. First if there were to be a full on disaster here, say plumbing break or such, the fix it person here is too young, and not a licensed contractor. Should a flood or fire occur here, the law suit would divulge that the maintenance work was performed by someone that had no business doing the work, which the owners of this property would ultimately go back after Janet, who is in a somewhat difficult spot to begin with money wise.

Two; this is where I live and where HazzardAyre will be housed until other facilities are found. Which means, fire , flood or a window falling out due to not being sealed, means $40k of radio gear, would be lost, and second to that I could be harmed or die.

Solution? The Knytes, buys the Wentworth, fix it up, add some things and make the place, biker friendly.

Getting us in front of the unknowing eyes of the public, on Yahoo, and Facebook trending pages. That will be in an upcoming report here in HazzardAyre, but I want to say, I’m tired of the phony selections on Yahoo’ front page. Before you click on that link that says its taking you to a site for news you really want to read about, look at the bottom. If it says a SPONSORED PAGE, DO NOT CLICK ON IT !!!  because if you do, it’ll take you to a malware site and your going to get hacked.

Stay tuned, I gotta go and take some Goody’s agx-130_1z since the fix it person here had a all night party I’m holding my head rather gingerly.

Dang it if your going to party hardy , invite me.


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