Friday, February 13, 2015

Its Friday the 13th


Darksides logo_thumb Or at least it was Friday the 13th.  The insatiable black magic world considers this to be a somewhat holiday, and while I’m not one for a huge amount of superstition .

I’m still very cautious in my day on Friday the 13’.

First I will not go very far from the office or home which right now is one and the same, subject to change in months to come. Second there is the weather. Thankfully today was mild, but the days its rainy or snowy out I’m in my little corner of the world huddled up with a good book or taking some serious siestas. There’s just no need to push the elements or limits. Even today our maintence guy here at the Wentworth. Found some problems with valves doing a faucet replacement in MY APARTMENT.   With no shut off valves this could be a problem should a major break occur. Especially at night. I ain’t worried , but the gal below me might get one rude awakening if that happened.

So yesterday was Friday the 13th, I’m safe, warm, and okay.

It’s now time for bed and oh yes, this is where I now live>wentworth


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