Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Luck in getting 30 up and 60 down sezz the cable man

BIG HAG HEDDER good morning

sO get up due to internal belly growl, in the middle of a bowl of Reese's cereal and who is at the door.

Guess a post on their Facebook page, got their attention. Seems the problem might be in my old laptop here, so what else is new, ya’ll get what ya’ll pay for right? Not always. Seems as though in town they can do a bit better, but not able yet to achieve the bandwidth speeds of metro Utah, at least not just yet. Which brings to the table the question, why even completely move HazzardAyre? Negotiations are under way to try to retain the current studios, paying back the back rent and me commuting to Woods Cross 3 times per week, until its firmly determined if Evanston Wyoming or Garden City Utah is the right location for the Mountain West’s HazzardAyre radio over the air station.

Got some quirky news overnight.

It seems that there were quite a few uncounted votes in club elections, especially those from our members in the Persian gulf and mid east military region. As such it looks like after recount, Ben Jones(aka-Cooter) stays in as President of both the Hazzard County Knytes/Knytes-of-Anarchy.

Sorry Charlie.

Uncle Jessie said it best, for every road that leaves home, there are two that lead back, however not in every case, sometimes there are too many potholes and mudded out lanes on the other road home so one needs to reroute, and consider a detour. In my case the road home to Hazzard, will be through Montpelier, through Soda Springs Idaho. Not just a direct route straight to Hazzard.

I truly miss the gurgling of both Hazzard and Billingsly Creek, out Hazzard way. I truly miss the days of just sitting on an old hollow tree, teasing squirrels, and watching killdeers. The reasons for my departure from Hazzard are many, most to do with three over ambitious real estate sales people and two foundation trustees trying to make cut a fat pig in the ass. Both deals fell flat. But we’ll get there again very soon, as plans are to REBUILD the original location of HazzardAyre, right in Hazzard and have the flagship station there, and operational in 2016.

Finally two memorials for the CSA, in two restored monuments, thanks to some of our SOCV members in Georgia.

unnamed unnamed (1) Job well done, see what happens when southern folk unite. Now if we could just get ya’ll to contribute to the save HazzardAyre Radio fund, we’d have it made.

Going to take some meds and head back to sleep.


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