Sunday, February 15, 2015

I think we’re getting out of here


I’m tired of the fight, this old wolf is whipped and the only thing left is to tuck tail between my legs and wander off to another forest. Not a new forest mind you, but a different one. Dig this was cruising over cyber space, so pulled off at the FCC exit. Dig this as well 6 bare ass’d signals that can be licensed to a radio station, both the ones in Wendover Utah and Woodruff are gone, the big bad ass’ at the big stations have swallered them up, but bet your ass, we are going to put up this gall darn radio station if it frigging kills me, which it probably will. Plus going home to Idaho, I’m closer to where I can get going towing again for far much less stress and frustration. If you think you heard this same shit two years ago when I was looking at Utah, your right, and I’dve not left Idaho, except for flight school, and a bad ass’d blonde that would not leave me alone. So to all who care this is my last month in Evanston Wyoming, I’ll be out up Idaho way looking for a place to hang my hat, either Burley or American Falls/Pocatello. But I’m done.

If the Knytes wants to do more in Evanston, I say let em at it, as for me I don’t care if the place sinks into the damn Bear River.

Blame it on the FCC, blame it on a severe lack of telecom and Internet infrastructure, blame it on whatever you like, but Patrick is done with severe freezing, cold nights, high utility bills, super high rents, and as for HazzardAyre?

Why not build it where we had in mind the first run at it? Hazzard and Burley/American Falls?

Now ya’ll here wonder why I never changed my drivers license nor vehicle plates, never figured on staying here more than 6 months at best and quite frankly, not even this long. Bottom line? I’m going home.


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