Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Knytes, me and AllWest

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So many asked me what happened at AllWest’ office Monday? First I decided to keep the service for all my TV and Internet/phone, needs, but still have to buy a new TV or a converter. I still think there’s something wrong with that, but hey ya gots to do what ya’ll gots to do, right?

Internet speed, still the same, barely 3mbps up, just under 20mbps down. The lady said at AllWest said we all were to get up graded to 50 mbps , right. I heard that in Burley from Cable One, never did happen. Same crap just a different day, but at least AllWest is trying. I get a good stream, from about noon to 10:00 PM, after that its slower than syrup on a cold winters day.

AllWest said why don’t you have a phone, AllWest put in the phone service, just need to go get yet another phone unit to plug into the modem to access the damn phone. Still trying to get funds to rescue gear from Utah, something about I4 not willing to take Fast offering money to fix the problem, so it’ll be $500.00 for 3 months that, except for foul weather, will deliver each month personally. Maybe I can get some personal things out of the old office come Monday. Hate it when the 1st of the month, is on a weekend.

Put up a thing on Go Fund Me, for the radio workx. The club is opening the concept of community radio. In short, radio done by our community, not just the club. Which means anyone with a good program can come in, produce and air their own radio shows, plus learn basic radio/TV broadcast skills.

If 25 people, put up $100.00 a piece, we’d have enough to kick this puppy in the rear and get it on air.

Watched a show on Hulu, called Selfie, one funny show. Seems as though Hulu is the only streamer I have that’s not getting bogged down too much slow download internet speed. KSL’ news wont download nor KTVB’s streaming TV news. I’m not only looking into our own T1, but a T3 connection here. Details as I get them.

Elections were last night by the Knytes, High Council, as you know, long time President, Ben Jones(aka-Cooter) was defeated by a large margin, due to a serious lack of communication from Alma and Ben to the club. In fact there is a strong push to drop the Hazzard thing in lieu of going full Knytes-of-Anarchy. The motion has been made, but needs full club voting to approve. Should know about September.

Oh don’t get me wrong the Hazzard County core and all that makes that up will still be part of us, but more of the real world of Hazzard County rather than the TV version of Hazzard County. The slogan tag for the Knytes-of-Anarchy? Goes like this, More Hazzard County, less Duke family. This is something I have supported since the patch over move from the Hazzard County Knytes to the Knytes-of-Anarchy was done in 2008 and ratified in 2009. Something to do with some of those that say they’ll support the club, but don’t really. For most of them, its more of a card carrying membership doing membership. This might get ugly, but I think it’s time for the club, to distance itself from the TV show that inspired it.

Since Phil, and Skip Ward left us, a few years ago, there has been little to no funding from Ben, Warner Brothers, or Lou Stepp Productions. In my and many club members view, loyalty goes both ways.

So I will close, in saying that electing someone that has opened his wallet for and of the club and is local and in our region has been elected President of the club, and I also feel, things are going to get much, much better.

Until L8R

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