Wednesday, February 25, 2015

HazzardAyre is not a work by myself Its a work of our Heavenly Father


Even the name was inspiration of Heavenly Father. The year was 2010 I had moved from Bliss Idaho to Buhl Idaho at what had been a disaster and a serious failure of myself and being over zealous in performance of a thing we called AyreWolfFM and SAMCRO Radio.

I was feeling rather removed from the business of radio and media, but I got a bolt of lightening in the middle of the night, call it HazzardAyre. The voice of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost was unmistakably stern and more of an order rather than mere suggestion. The bringing together of two cultures, one of hot rod southern fried gear heads and military aviation into one radio show. I think Heavenly Father was pushing me to get something together to deliver his message to a segment of of the population that common religion was missing.

Events that followed made HazzardAyre even more important. The escalation of the program was such that HazzardAyre Radio is a tool of Heavenly Father.

While not without its trials and tribulations, HazzardAyre became an entity of its own, carrying a very lost group of people into the arena of looking at being in church and finding ones way through his Holy word into hearts that had never been taught or had been previously ignored.

HazzardAyre Radio demands to be saved as HazzardAyre radio saves souls. Is it wrong for both a property owner not to take Fast Offerings to pay for back rent in his complex to rescue HazzardAyre, yes. Because rescuing HazzardAyre Radio is God’s work, and that demands use of such sacred funds.

I put up on Fund Me( a request for many to get involved here. This is most likely a test by Heavenly Father , but HazzardAyre Radio is so much more than a frivolous adventure into southern culture or old vintage military aviation. Its a way to reach Naval and Marine Aviators worldwide that need a bit of home brewed relief from and in war torn nations. As through worldwide every Navy carrier, every MCAS is tuned into HazzardAyre Radio at least 4 times per day and at least 3 times overnight. The effort of HazzardAyre Radio goes even deeper. Involving communities in Community Radio allowing every person who wants to be on radio to do just that , be on Radio and eventually TV. If every person that has been fans of and supporters of HazzardAyre Radio, would cough up just $100.00 and send it to HazzardAyre Radio, 96 East Hayden #C-202, Evanston Wyoming, 82930 HazzardAyre Radio could begin to be LIVE once again. I counted 78 Likes on our home page of HazzardAyre on if all 78 of those fans coughed up $100.00, that’s near $8,000.00 we could then relaunch.

If you believe in your Priesthood teachings, if you believe in the Bible, and its contents, if you believe in righting the wrongs of this nation, then HazzardAyre Radio is that Magic carpet to get us there. Send us your donation.


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