Saturday, February 21, 2015

It ought to be different and aimed at your own age group


I have always said , Mark had the right idea, when he conjured up Facebook. Only thing is, is he and Facebook ought to set it up to where the friends you add , if you want to add friends are from your region and age group. It’s like that banner that asks here’s some people you may know. really? I don’t know one of them. The people I add as friends usually are those that I know in the REAL WORLD, MY WORLD, not some teeny bopper from NYC, First of all don’t know anybody from NYC and although I’m supposed to love everyone and treat everyone like I want to be treated, I tolerate Yankees, but I ain’t to much in welcoming them with open arms as friends.

But as I posted earlier at the top of my Facebook page, addressed hopefully at those that screen facebook from Palo Alto California, don’t ask me to add friends if you question me adding them.

This old road wolf don’t cotton to no Yankees.

By July I’ll be back in my own woods, I have had it with Wyoming. Or at least Evanston.

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