Saturday, February 21, 2015

Same Road , different day

hazzardayre highway hooker journal

It’s Saturday the day of rest and original Sabbath day. So I do as I normally do, sleep all day, read my bible and church books and keep the day Holy. Occasionally go take a peak online then go back to reading.

Sometimes I’ll check Facebook and Yahoo and see something interesting or funny, but here lately it seems both are extremely lame, if anything on there at all.

D-Carters pics get too smutty, I’d like to see more tow trucks photographed, and a few of the big rigger appreciated a few of us driving the hook, this past week in some parts of the nation that loved the tow trucker.

Of course there was JunkYard Dolls, I looked but didn’t find it interesting. My question for most of those pages is, you’ll pose that way for free to near free, but you wont come out here and photograph with tow trucks for a $1,000.00 a day, amazing.

I guess I’m getting older, grumpier and more set in my ways, but I can report, my masculine equipment still works, woke up this afternoon and had a stiffy. haven’t had afternoon wood for quite some time.

Still can’t watch TV and some how this year I’m not really missing NASCAR and the 500. Last year, pretty much made me want to distance myself from that although I can’t cause being an old bootlegger gotta love stock cars, but the big money, the big fights, the big fines. Phooey I’d rather watch Mirinda at Magic Valley SpeedWay, running with Rebel Racing than watching Danica Patrick on FoX or the big races.

NASCAR has gotten stale, kinda like Facebook. It’s okay, but not enough panache to interest me much any more.

There ought to be a business version of Facebook, I know you say there is, its called LinkedIn but LinkedIn wants money to be part of that, any web page thingy that I gotta pay money for I ain’t interested in. I think , TV, and radio should remain free, to listen to and enjoy whether that’s on air or online, HazzardAyre Radio, still is free to listen to.

THE bottom line? Its a sharp looking tow truck of any size, or a gal in nylon stockings , and you have my complete interest. Finally saw some rather troubling images online. Some couple did a tow truck up like good old Cooter’s. Which I’ll remind all, both Ben and Alma are two of the dearest people to me that there is, Ben is still the President of the Knytes, but what disturbs me is when I see a tow truck other than mine. My old LexiBelle is the ONLY tow truck authorized and blessed by both Ben and Alma and the studio to wear the Hazzard Garage nameplates.

Finally, here at the Wentworth. I don’t know how this is going to play out, but Adam my next door neighbor sure has a bunch of company over on the weekends, but I wonder if his mother the property manager here, knows that her son is running a brawdy house here.

Too much noise.

No matter, I’m only here until I get things in order to go home to Idaho. I’m way too tired of Wyoming.


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