Friday, February 20, 2015

Can these problems be fixed? If so whose going to pay for it?

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Can these internet connection problems be fixed? The answer is yes, if you throw enough money at it, the question then becomes who is going to pay for it? The answer ? Just about everyone needing more bandwidth Internet .

Again we as a broadcaster as well as over the road towing organization, had these same problems in 2013, so we relocated to Utah, where most of the bandwidth problems ended. I had no problem in paying $200.00 for service as it was nearly goof proof. I can count on one hand only three times Comcast went down and none while we had the service with CenturyLink. That one I paid $175.00 a month for. In both cases things were so good I could do more than three things online at once without getting error or reload problems.

So I tuned into one of my archived shows on LiveStream, trouble was it’d go for a 20 minute run then have to reload, which gets to be one pain in my six(butt) . Here I’m studying my LDS Priesthood book, getting into a groove and my show had to keep reloading. So I checked my speed. 0.73 download. Really? Bottom line unless I see improvement here its going to be a combination of CenturyLink for phone and a T1 for Internet and Dish for TV.

Thing is though I wonder, how many of my audience is getting short changed here? I mean if I can’t load up my show and hear it full length, they probably means they can’t either. Which starts biting my wallet.

I have talked to at least 100 of the people in Evanston that I deal with on a daily basis. They all say the same thing, for heavy traffic internet, here there must be an improvement and most of that 100 are willing to pay $200.00 a month to see it happen.

Some of the higher up’s at AllWest need to drive out of Kamas Utah and come up here and fix the shortcomings or at least sell the system to some organization that can. Oh one of those interested in buying the system? The Knytes-of-Anarchy. Might as well, as we end up buying everything else and fixing it.

For the short term, I’m keeping AllWest for a internet connection, only for the time we need to get our own T1 connection up. The rest of it? Well Monday , I’m taking my cable unit to AllWest here and cancelling that out, since I can’t use it and setting up with Dish Network.


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