Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don’t show you is, if ya’ll ain’t

HAZZARD COUNTY WELCOME MAT_thumb toewers blues

One of those things I hate to death, is people who on Facebook are not really on Facebook, just their

cell phones are turned on and you see the green light on, that says they are there. So you

send em a message and don’t get a response. Of course they may not want to chat with you, which

begs the question, if you don’t wanna chat with me, defriend me. If I send you a message and you

don’t respond, I rapidly defriend you. I don’t have the desire nor inclination to mess around with

posers and or teasers. It’s like this gal I know here in the complex, nice gal, okay on the eyes, and

was interested in working for the club. Yet I sent her a text about the post of hers here about a fire

here at the Wentworth, guess what no response. I remember things like this because its where I LIVE

it concerns me, just like that guy who shot up that university in Tennessee a few years ago, nobody thought

of sending out a Facebook text telling students there’s a guy shooting people. Guess what that changed.

What about the Wentworth here, shouldn’t the onsite manager, or Niki, have sent me a message saying

there’s a fire in the complex?

The two reasons I’m online is the club and my company, if it were not for that, I’d sell the computer and

go off the grid, many are and do. Our Charter President in Twin Falls Ricky, has no computer cept

for his cell phone, even then he makes phone calls with it, and has no intention of buying a computer.

He is content with living life simple. Off the grid.

So in closing here, if your not on Facebook or online, turn off your damn cell phone.


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