Friday, February 20, 2015

Just once I’d like to see a internet connection service do it right


Maybe it’s because I was babied, in the luxury of ultra fast barely tap, instant internet. Maybe its that I can’t understand why some companies will not invest in improving their systems to meet even moderate demand, maybe its all of that, but even doing something as simple as watching HULU, I can’t get through one program without the damn thing needing to reload.

It’s not always been this bad. I remember 10 years ago or so, when I was conned into doing up a project in CokeVille Wyoming, AllWest came over hooked me up, and stayed onsite until everything was working like it should. Even in drop dead 50 below zero, AllWest’ product kept going without any drop in signal or stamina quality. It was nearly that way when we moved the studios from CokeVille to Evanston. Back then you had two cable companies competing for your business. Now you have just one AllWest who has it would seem, gotten a bit too complacent and knows its them or DISH. TV wise I plan to go DISH, why? Simple, AllWest in converting to digital, has no more analog receiver boxes. You have to have a coax running in but no coax running out. I always thought one of the reasons that you bought cable was to keep old TV’s going, as the box did the conversion so you didn’t have to go out and buy a new TV.  As far as Internet, have to keep AllWest, since there is nothing else, but am looking into other options, like our own T1 for both radio station in town as well as here at the Wentworth. I’ll gladly pay $200.00 for a T1 if it means my content going down and back will go at the same 5X5 speeds that I had in metro Utah.

Not saying Evanston Wyoming, or AllWest is alone here.

In Twin Falls Idaho, my complaint was just about the same, pay a bunch of money for services that just flat were antiquated in other words obsolete, and no longer could carry the extra signals that growing communities will require.

The question and this complaint is not just mine. From every corner of the Union, I hear the same thing. Question is, beit , California, Idaho, or Wyoming, why doesn’t both large and small Internet Service companies up their game? Why not invest the money to run CAT 6 or 5 fiber optic where coax once was. If your going to service an area, for damn well , service it. Not just coddle it.

I used to praise AllWest all over the place, even saying AllWest could kick butt over Comcast should they step over the Wasatch range into the Utah metro valley, today I’m not so sure.

But again, its not just AllWest. Comcast, Cable-One, you name it, big, small corporate and independent cable/telecom/internet service companies are not looking into the crystal balls.

Oh and if your wondering here, yes the Knytes are looking into doing up its own Telecomm/internet service company, called HazzComm. Short for Hazzard Communications. Expect that here in about 10 years, yes it’ll take that long.

But again I ask, can we get better, if we’re willing to pay more?

Or are we as consumers paying more for less or poorer quality? About the only stream program I get without interruption is HazzardAyre Radio from Livestream. Oh it takes awhile to load, but once connected stays connected( And after all when you are tuned to HazzardAyre Radio, who needs anything else? After all HazzardAyre is a product of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, mainly me.


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