Sunday, February 15, 2015

Still the western frontier but not much more

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As I look at much of what is, in Evanston Wyoming, much of what I see makes me think, “The only thing this town needs is some hitching posts and only horse and buggies should operate here. Forget about TV, just radio and maybe some radio theater, no Internet, just wind up telephones or to send messages faster, use smoke signals.  Forget about social programs like EBT cards, and help for those busting their hump to stay alive while they kick, bite and scratch up to a income level of not needing them, oh no don’t make any money just starve, or work in a blacksmiths shop. Forget modern truck service, forget about a full throttle towing service, and forget about a radio station dedicated to both those along with confederate history preservation.

I’m still pissed off at finding my EBT card bare as a turkey drum stick at Thanksgiving. First I get a letter saying my EBT case is pending, me going over to the Bank to get my bank records. Hell first off I don’t know what DFS wants , second did they at DFS think that maybe my fuel tank is darn near dry, so I can’t just breeze all over town. Or that maybe I don’t have a phone, sure I have the service for a phone in place , but not the phone set. All of that is still in Woods Cross Utah. Which is where I should have stayed at least I’d be eating.

For the first time in 15 years, I’m faced with no EBT card. Really? Low cost public housing? Forget about that, I made application there, so I might have been off with phone numbers, but hey can’t Evanston Public Housing do a Google search and find the damn phone numbers of both A1 and the Powers Motel ? Again technologically challenged.

Now I’m not saying a super smart person, but if I can Google to find information and phone numbers , can’t these people? Hell I can even write , and speak English.

All I know is this. Come Tuesday morning I’m awake, go to DFS ask them for what the hell they need, go to the damn bank, get some information from them, and so on. Sure I need to make an effort, but what the hell is the tax payers of Wyoming paying these so called experts and paper pushers for? Evanston, at least is one town in Wyoming that for every step or two you make forward, you get knocked back ten.

All I know is once and its only a week now, I get the radio gear out of that office, into storage, along with Wolf Pup, Wolf Pupin storage, I’m going back up to Burley, find me a place to hang my head, then find a shack for the radio works and rounding it out regroove Highway Hooker Toewing. Pretty much in that order.

The sad irony here is this, if someone without any college except trade school, can do the super snoop stuff to qualify for these so called help up, social programs, can’t people making $50.00 an hour with so called degrees do it? But then look at where I’m at; Evanston Wyoming Still the western frontier but not much if any hope of much more.

Gotta say had a better evening than I thought I might. Had dinner with Niki and her hubby, here watched some DVD’s SO NOT too bad a night.

In conclusion, for most of Evanston Wyoming they know one thing>KISS RULE <

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