Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So what makes them so Trending Now?


Have you ever wondered how those who work at both Yahoo, and Facebook post what is Trending Now? I always do, since they’ll put up some photo of or a name of something trending, but then give you news that’s at minimum 3 years old. It ain’t Trending Now, shows what they get hiring them college students in Silicon Valley California, hih?

Okay then, got quite a few noises coming in about the dues thing and all that and I’ll get into that later in the day, but its came down to organization dedication and loyalty. As Twin Falls Idaho, sub Charter President said it, “ We’d rather have less, but loyal and dedicated members, than just a bunch of freeloaders that have forgotten what this organization is all about. Time for some other people to start lifting the heavy weight.”

The echo is one I coheartily agree with. For nearly 30 years, its been the sum of about 10 of us busting hump to grow this organization into what it is today. Once we were innovators, once we wrote the book of what a hot rod/biker/truck/aviation group was all about. Today we are copying many things and having to miss out on the rest.

Once we held down the grass and made our own path, everyone including the writers of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, consulted us, the 4X4 General Lee in one episode, was inspired by one of our club’s members rigs, the radio jock on the Dukes, played by my 4th cousin Richie Montgomery, My idea. the list goes on but we were involved in the TV show, because the TV show was involved with and supported the club. Even the club’s balladeer Waylon Jennings said once, that the TV show would not have gained its place in the ratings without the grass roots promotion and support of the Hazzard County Knytes-(aka; Knytes-of-Anarchy). Have we seen a check or even one bit of online support, or a mention online either on Ben’s site for his all things Dukes store? No. Has Tracey Duke, ever reposted any of our blogs or encouraged others to help support the club, or even favor our online radio station on Livestream ? ( ? no.

So if your not paying dues, not serving in or directly helping the club, then you have no reason to support or be involved in the club. So those not doing their parts are being booted from the club.

More this afternoon.

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