Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another Daily Grind


A great day here, as I pretty much slept through it. I had no where I had to be today, no big crisis to solve, and for once the club was not my main thought. I guess I’m growing a callous over my cranium when it comes to the Knytes. Not that I care any less, as I do, my dedication too, and financing the club has been a sacrifice that I have had the pleasure and privilege to do for 30 plus years and will continue to do so, but pledges and acknowledgement of members nation wide that are ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty to get things back on track here in the club is making my work a bit easier. Of course here in Evanston there are only 4 patched members outside of myself so it does make it a bit much on a daily haul to get things done.

The big situation now is going to be distancing our club, from the DOH TV show, while retaining the whole Hazzard County image and our legacy in it. In short, no where and few of anyone else west of the great divide is more aligned with DOH and all things Hazzard County , however that may be part of the problem. Getting legislation and other things done riding the shirt tails of DOH many don’t take us seriously. The Knytes however a bit different story, while many align us up more with an MC than anything else, and I’d rather run with bikers as just about anyone else, simply because of all the groups of people I have known in my life its the biker community that has welcomed me into their own, with open arms. Too bad some in the DOH world didn’t do that.

Used to be a grand competition between Ben and I. We’d do something out here , and Ben would try to upstage it. Fact is many including Ben were and are upset that in many cases we beat him to the punch. The real fact is simple. Ben played a tow truck operator/mechanic on a fictional TV show, I however am a real to life tow truck owner operator, mechanic in a real shop in a real town that is called Hazzard and whose shop wears the proud name of the Hazzard County Garage and has done since 1979. For all intents and purposes I am the real to life Cooter, while Ben, portrays Cooter. big difference.

I’m just waiting for the dish washer to get done, so I can make food. I’m no longer trying to download KSL news, since the cable system here is way to slow, even still, AllWest said they’d have a tech email me and set a time for one to come out and exchange modems. Still waiting.

Many are not happy on the fact that we are leaning on the freeloaders that love to have the perks of being a Knyte, but don’t pay their dues money, or do something in exchange of that dues money. But its a sign of the times. Once the club would let people slyde a bit here and there. NO MORE, the newly elected officers and all are saying no pay your out of the club. That includes the Unofficial Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club, the Knytes ourselves and all extensions and subsidiaries of the Knytes , including the AyreWolvez, no pay your out.

Any mile I’ll be back in after dinner.


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