Friday, February 20, 2015

The world through a windshield

hazzardayre toewers blues

Okay so I don’t run freight on 18 wheels any more, I like snagging and dragging those behemoths out of snow banks or nudging them around the curves when they turn too sharp. Its either a SWIFT driver doing that or a WERNER truck, and to give equal time a UPS driver, either way CDL mills don’t teach driving skills.

First, does anyone at Wal-Mart like their jobs? Does anyone at Wal-Mart’ know where anything is at?

Went to the Evanston Wyoming Wal-Mart, to get some trash bags as the old Kat House here needs some clean up. So it took me an hour and 5 different customer service people to find the trash bags. Then I get to the checkstand. Seems as though this Wal-Mart considers everybody a thief since there are no self check outs at this Wal-Mart. You’d think I’d have interrupted this big gals feeding, she was there chomping down on a Subway sandwich, and decides at the last second she might be working and got through checking me out. Whew , worst of all this gal had crotch pit stink so bad, I don’t think Wal-Mart mandates those doing checkstands to shower before work.

While Wal-Mart may be raising their wages some, if I were Wal-Mart, I’d make sure the employees getting BIGGER pay checks ought to be worth the extra money.

So I squirmed out of the parking lot, going to Wal-Mart must be the only Friday night action here any more. Seemed everyone in town was there. There ought to be special parking for tow trucks and service vehicles. That way you would not have to walk a marathon just to get to your truck.

Then there’s the common courtesy thing. Was slowly cruising the connecting road to Front street, here was this gal trying to get her baby buggy and her across the street, and no one was stopping. Sure there was no cross walk there, but hey its snowing, its cold, for damn sure drivers stop for a minute, think could that be your wife and kid there trying to cross the street?

It’s starting to snow here in Evanston, Wyoming. First bit of it that I have seen for a week. Seems across the nation this past week, that’s what it all was, snow, ice and slyde off’s. This is where and when folks consider us in towing as essential.

Finally, can someone make a disposable razor that lasts longer than a week? The ones I bought a week ago are already starting to get dull, kind of like Facebook, and Yahoo. Good for a day, after that nothing very interesting.

Someone asked me again about the cheesecake we , rather I put on our web sites and all, there are several reasons for this. First eye candy gets attention, second men are men at least most of us and we like to see honeys. Hey we can’t play with em, but at least we can look. Third what I choose shots and photos that are similar to the pin up gals we saw on old warbirds and such. It just looks good. The answer to the question of why don’t we feature local real to life gals with our truck shots? Simple there are none in Evanston that will do that. Yet will wear skin tight spanx or such to the store , go figure.

Check this out>news ad If you think you can sign up. $200.00 an hour.

Finally here where I live, I’d like to put up a sign that says , “wE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR FAT WOMEN, ONLY CURVY MODEL TYPES MAY APPLY” True nobody would live here any more , but if its true you reap what you plant, then dang it lets plant some hotties here at the Wentworth like Adam’s girl friend, she’s still hot.


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