Monday, February 23, 2015

The Hazzard County Legend continues especially in the Mountain West

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Despite the fact that all too many ignore me, even Ben’s wife Alma and so called this Tracey Duke, there is not if anyone more dedicated to or loyal to The Hazzard County saga than yours truly. The fact that there is a Cooter’s Place or one was even created was not new. Way back in 1987 The original Hazzard County Knytes were working on building a Hazzard County/Dukes based theme park in west central Idaho near Mountain Home called Hazzard County CSA. Change Hammett Idaho to Hazzard.

Of course that would have been a stretch since Hazzard Idaho was already the official, Idaho legislature approved nick name of Hagerman 35 miles west of Twin Falls, 100 miles south of Boise.

Elmore County Commissioners rejected the plans for Hazzard County CSA, and opted to explore building a Nuclear Power plant there instead. Another story, for another time. Hazzard County Homecomings? Really not new. The Hazzard County Knytes have been throwing a Hazzard County celebration called the Hazzard County Nationals, throughout the two states of Utah and Idaho for 30 years. The first one was thrown in the Hazzard City(Hagerman) Park , raised just over $100,000.00 , plus raised additional funds to rebuild an old farm and save Christmas for a burned out family called the Twitchell Family.

Additionally the reason, that the DUKES TV show saw a regeneration along with two reunion movies was not because of some accident. TNN owned then by Gaylord Broadcasting that also ran such TV shows as HeeHaw, was convinced by a bunch of handwritten letters 80% wrote by members and members families of The Hazzard County Knytes, the two reunion movies on CBS would never have gotten the green fast track light they did, had it not been for the members of the Hazzard County Knytes, committing in writing to run TV ads on local affiliates during the airing of both reunion movies. Even before TNN started running the reruns of the Dukes, when the Dukes were still up for grabs by local TV stations here in our area and coast to coast, it was the financial support of the Hazzard County Knytes , airing member companies ads on those airings of the syndicated runs of the Dukes on local TV stations.

Which brings me to the fact that few times as a major dealer of performance Harley and speed parts for custom rides of all kinds, Hazzard County Choppers delivers. From 5 Mountain West shops, that started in the tiny town of Hagerman Idaho in 1979 called the REAL; Hazzard County Garage. With verbal and two signed agreements both Skip Ward, Paul Picard, and Gy Waldron made the only studio approved outreach of the TV show as the Hazzard County Garage, of Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho. The Hazzard County Knytes was a natural extension, from the Hazzard County Garage. Started with 15 members in Hazzard, the Hazzard County Knytes, has 50,000 members nationwide, with a treasury hold of just under $300 Million, and while the club took a slight detour in 2008 despite major protests the Hazzard County Knytes became the Knytes-of-Anarchy. In each case the club has been under the direction , of President, Ben Jones(aka Cooter) . Over the years the Hazzard County Knytes have done allot of good for allot of people, when a nationwide truckers radio network, was going under it was the Hazzard County Knytes that bought outright The Interstate Truckers Radio Network through the Hazzard County Garage’ heavy truck shop, the original Dixie Diesel Shop, which was and is the original custom big over the road truck shop, long before Chrome Shop Mafia and others, it is and was the Dixie Diesel Shop , making large trucks works of art, rather than beasts of burden. The list goes on, but it should be mentioned even though we are ignored by the many who say they are our friends and supporters, nobody , I mean NOBODY is more dedicated to nor more loyal to the Hazzard County saga and legend that the Hazzard County Knytes. Since for us, Hazzard County, in fact the TV show that spawned it is not just a TV show, to us Hazzard County is not just a place on earth, more over for us, Hazzard County is a place in the heart and soul.

Maybe Tracey Duke and Alma, need to start recognizing that without us there would be less fans, and less loyalty. We’re calling in our marker, the Hazzard County Knytes demands to be recognized and honored.

Like Bo Duke said in the movie, its OUR TIME.

Long day today, headed to bed,


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