Thursday, February 19, 2015

It’d be nice to get most of what you paid for


Long and drawn out but we are getting there. HazzardAyre Radio is not a dead issue or project, just taking a good hard snooze in the process of a full rebuild, until then I’ll do what I can to keep you up to date.

There are many things that are becoming very frustrating. First; Super speed Internet, not possible on coax says the experts so gotta go in debt for the office, so need to start getting that in gear. But even so, why is it so dang blame slow? Next, even with an office I’m really troubled for a round the clock on air people, whose going to come in early mornings, and afternoons? No matter the gender , I’d like to know who I can trust to be in OUR studio, that wont try packing things off. Aside from the staffing issues, are income for HazzardAyre Radio generation. Let’s face it after that carpetbagger came to town and got everyone hot and bothered over KEVA, it’s a hard sell to get anyone to believe in a new entity, that will change both the old AM, and a new FM coming to town. When we say we’re doing the Wyld Life , we mean it.

Finally , did some computer tech stuff this past evening, installed IOBITT into my little lap top, while that program isn’t perfect by any amount, it showed me that 7 of this computers drivers were at least 5 years old and obsolete. Don’t people especially a tech store check on this stuff first before they send it out the door? It’d be like me rebuilding an engine , only to not replace the hoses and belts with new ones. This is why , both Hazzard County Choppers, the Dixie Diesel Shop LLC and us at Highway Hooker Toewing have been in business for 40 years, without a come back and or a complaint. The bikes, hot rods, trucks and even toews, never have had a recall, or a damaged complaint. It’s called attention to detail, and pride in the products and services we offer, not just looking at the bottom line.

Any mile this 6 wheeled Cowboy needs to hit the bunk shack, I’m beat.


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