Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is not going to go well


By now you have heard, that a Federal Judge has ordered that Alabama start issuing gay marriage licenses. Remember the same process’ were enacted when President Johnson started ordering equal treatment for blacks in busing .  When governments start blasting at states to do things, its abusing both its power and authority to legalize morality, when some communities and areas do not want it. Call it an abuse on religious freedom. These abuses are what bred the disloyalty and anger that was in part the base of the war of Northern aggression and invasion. And its about to do that now. Out here in the west with three states about to take the same gender marriage thing again, they being Utah Idaho and Wyoming. Where religious and morals say no to same gender unions, is reeking havoc. Lets face it we have allowed the Federal Government of this nation of ours to get too big, to fussy and all to big headed. Our states have few if any authority any more to do what they need to do by the voice of their constituents .

When this happens we get to becoming more communistic not democratic. Our rights are leaving us every day. We let foreigners in when they shouldn’t be. Our borders are no longer protected and the entire moral compass is out of sync.

Face it, God has been taken , no God has been benched from the game. Life is no longer governed by individual rights and liberties. Enough. God meant man to take woman as a wife and life partner. Same gender marriage is against all teachings of our Heavenly Father. His son Jesus Christ did not die on a cross to allow a bunch of sick minded people no matter why, to wed. God made man with certain biological equipment, women with certain equipment to work in tandem with each other, not for us to take technology to buy toys that allow women to pleasure women, and seeing a guy smooch another guy in a sexual nature or worse sodomy is just not right. As a southerner I can not wrap my head around these ideals. As a Mormon I despise and get sick over such issues. Our southern states are rolling over each other by allowing by Federal mandates to over throw their cultural and moral values and traditions. It’s time to put a stop to it. If such things make you mad as well, please join with us here in The Knytes-of-Anarchy, to begin the procedure to field a candidate for President of this union to make it a real United States and elect a President under the United Confederate Party. Contribute money, or better yet contribute time in spreading the word that this moral, and Godless nation is way off course and needs to be brought into tune. Its time to let Dixie Rise.