Sunday, February 22, 2015

Freebees don’t like you any more

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Ah the good old days, Yahoo, was king of the search engines and much of its content including classified

ads and so on were free.

Newspapers allowed you to read their paper for free, this was good, since if you might be moving there

or setting up a branch of your company there you could peruse the classifieds to find an apartment

or office/shop. Forget that, today ya’ll gotta subscribe , even then content is sparse.

Such utilities as WeatherBug were completely free and didn’t contain adware , malware . Today

WeatherBug is still free, but you have to wade through a mud pit of ads, or subscribe to their paid


Doesn’t anyone do anything just for the common good? Rather than the common good of their wallets?

Thank goodness, there is the Hazzard County Knytes and of course, both HazzardAyre Radio and

HazzardAyre Gazzette. We as a group, have never charged a penny for anyone to look us over and read

content. Not ever. It’s the reason we exist and our core mission, to watch out for the little guys and

gals. The small business’s to make sure their not getting ripped off or overcharged. It’s what we call, Fighting

the System, and quite frankly in many areas of our nation in fact our entire nation the system is not only

broke its been defiled to an evil that few are willing to battle against, but we stay at it, because we

know with some serious Hazzard County Enginuity the system can be repaired as well as our nation.

How do we do this? If there’s something that is not meeting the needs of a community we step in and

fire up one of our own, beit a radio station or newspaper. We listen to experts like Beth Anne of CSC Talk Radio

which you can hear on HazzardAyre Radio weekdays at 08:00 hours(8:00AM) . We’re not afraid of digging

things up, even if we do get our hands dirty.

Onto the freebees.

Expect in a few years, things you take for granted, like Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and sadly I predict

even Gmail, will be a for subscription to use, in essence ya’ll will have to pay a fee to check your email

or use Facebook.

I don’t think there will be a great exodus of the use of either of these services or the web, but just like

free TV was, you’ll have to pay to use or watch them.

Finally, on TV , I’m taking my cable converter into AllWest in the morning. Oh I’m keeping the Internet

thing and the phone service going, but if the only way to watch cable TV is to go out and buy a new

TV because AllWest doesn’t have any more converter boxes, why bother? Just buy a cheap VCR, buy

Dish Network, and watch TV.

Even with your old TV.


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