Thursday, February 19, 2015

I think the ah honeymoon is over and familiarity is creeping in


I am beginning to think the Honeymoon such as it is, or the inside relationship here at the Wentworth is over or at least weaning itself.

MamaWolf once said getting to familiar with a associate or anyone breeds contempt. Which might have something to do with it.

I went over for my daily visit with management here today, but the mood was very cold. Most days its just to say hello, and to thank someone who busted her butt to get me in here. But I too am there to learn the in’s and out’s of this facility, especially if the club ends up buying this facility outright, I want to know what makes the thing tick.

Example of the I dunno part is , if your paying near if not at full rent here without government subsidation why or who should care how much money you make? To date I don’t see any government subsidy here. Maybe there is one, just don’t see it.

The other factors are too numerous to outline here, but I think and I might be wrong here, is I think the lady manager here’ hubby said something to the idea of Janet spending so much time here alone with me. The fact is, there are too many factors that makes any kind of romantic or otherwise union between her and I impossible , that said. This is where I live. Things that go on here effects me directly, therefore I want to know every bump and grind that is of or happens here at the Wentworth. Like the noise overhead of Niki and her hubby’ place. All the cops do is come over and say its a domestic issue, take it up with the property manager. It’s why people move into the Wentworth, few stay long time. Reason? When it comes to serious issues, nobody wants to flex muscle, and get involved. It’s like getting a stop sign at a dangerous intersection, it takes somebody to get hurt seriously or killed to get a city to put up a stop sign. Does Niki, have to get hurt in the process of telling her upstairs neighbors to shut up at night? Does DFS have to threaten to take those unsupervised children that are home alone at night while parents work? Does there need to be a physical confrontation here to get Wentworth management to say , “no more noise after 9:00PM. It’d be better to have intervention now rather than litigation later.

This is a mere example. Parking is stupid here. There are tenants here with special requirements on parking. Some have to do with parking in handicapped stalls, others have to do with certain vocations, like mine going towing. I need both my rides just outside of my door. Pull off’s, slide off’s are one thing, but when I go tow its usually a big rig somewhere, that means injury to a people, and that requires a quick response. I can’t just have a truck on the curb, I have to be able to be out my door and rolling, without a bunch of fuss. Something that I discussed at some length before I made application or moved in here, which I was told no problem. Now there’s to be assigned parking. Meaning I’m looking elsewhere. So If I move why is the Knytes looking at buying the Wentworth? Simple, it’d be a good investment and be worthy of a procedure and systems upgrade to fit this community, not the affirmations of say Boise or Lewiston Idaho. The town of Evanston Wyoming has only one major employer besides Union Pacific. That is Wal-Mart, that is raising wages. However those raises are going to be miniscule compared to good living wages here.

In 5 years expect Evanston to be bubbling, with an bio-energy plant moving into the neighboring town of Woodruff Utah, expect the living town or bedroom community to be Evanston. Meaning major needs of affordable housing. Dewalls Apartments are already prepping for this by building more quick built apartments, others are shoring up plans for expansion. The foresighted person looking into the future, would be wise to buy a injured complex like the Wentworth here, fix it up and charge a menial rent per month rate. Not sucker you in on the low scale then jack it up in a year.

While HazzardAyre Radio/TV is on hold the Knytes are still making plans for the Reaper, additionally Hazzard County Choppers. I myself rather than run looking for gold in other areas which may not be there anyway, am looking at expanding both Cooter’s A 1 Toewing as well as Highway Hooker Toewing here. More over I am still looking at AyreWolf Aviation making a base here.

When the local economy flips and its about to, we’ll be in the right spot with the resources to serve the people here.


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