Monday, February 16, 2015

Some things you just can’t change


There’s some things you just can’t change, like an entire community, but you can change how and to what depth you interact with it.

Looks as though my Bishop is getting a bit fidgety of raking out $1,507.00 for all in Woods Cross.

He ain’t said no, but he needs a bit more 411 before he does, so I gave Brandon and John the phone number of our Bishop and I put them in touch with each other.  But this goes further here. It’s been one damn thing after another here since I gave up that original $500.00 to that fat slut at Yellow Creek Estates and did the relocate shuffle. First it was the fuss at NGL over a off hand compliment to some gal there that got her feathers ruffled over something she took wrong, kicked in the groin , I tried to escape Evanston’s cold grip. But WolfPup got overheated. So took same to Nate out at Steve's Truck Shop, got it back to running, but in the interim had to fetch General JaxSon to have transportation. In so doing moved here to the Wentworth but just barely squeaked in. It took damn near 3 weeks, and for me $250.00 worth of gas driving over and back to do it.  But then came the word from city hall, no liquor license to be had in Evanston, so no Reaper Club, Strike 2 that plan killed. Then came the word from I4 , get your stuff outta here or its gone. Another $30,000.00 worth of radio broadcast gear, gone. Strike Number 3.  Three strikes I’m just about done. Yesterday’s incident at Smiths over my EBT Card, being dry, was the clincher. I’m done, I can’t mentally handle it any more. I have never in my life saw or is that seen? Any mile, I haven’t been in a community so messed up in my life.

Granted ; there are some good people here, but over all, If I’m reduced to just tweak Harley’s and tow, I’d rather do it in just a bit warmer , Idaho.

Will HazzardAyre Radio survive? Sure, it’ll take me and the club another 25 to 30 years of buying new equipment, and one of a heck long rebuild, but for now thanks to Evanston Wyoming for killing a dream.

See you on Highway Hooker Tow Tymez.


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