Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nice to be back in Hazzard County


Nice to be back with Hazzard County. Saw on the news last night Hazzard was 10 degrees warmer than here in Evanston Wyoming where I’m at , bringing a new station to over the air status and installing a new unit of Cooter’s Toewing(more on that in a few laps here).

Of course Hazzard County Choppers and of course rounding it out is of Cooter’s Grill here, so much going on. We had a vision of putting both and bar here together, out of what used to be Lotty’s Bar and Grill with Cooter’s Grill/Reaper Club, but no liquor license available for a decent price, plus $4,000.00 a month. We lost interest in a bar , but a southern eating, place well that was a horse of a different breed.

Okay onto my view of Evanston. I promised this in the Wolf Tymez so I’ll deliver that here.

Evanston overall is a albeit cold as heck, weather wise and a tough struggle at the opening gate, but there are some damn great people, here willing to go the extra mile for anyone who will stick to it enough to carry something out to its conclusion or at least duration. From the people who lived next to me at the trailer house, that nursed me back to health when I fractured my hip and crunched my knee out on Yellow Creek, to Janet who did not give up on me getting into the new digs here at the Wentworth. You can’t judge a whole town or area, based on just a few jerks, and buttwipes.

Now is this all enough to make me dig in and stay put? The answer is NO, and I mean NO. Come November or so if not before, my rear end, and some of the business is moving back into Idaho, but nearer to my family in Grace/Soda Springs Idaho.

While I didn’t find everything I wanted or that would benefit the Knytes here in Evanston, from my current Bishop, to medical care its not bad.

Finally, I rewatched this feature on the E channel, on the Dukes-of-Hazzard. Trouble is its not very accurate and very open for filling in for details that were rearranged to fit the E channel feature.

Ben Jones (aka Cooter) might have tried out for the role of Cooter for the Dukes, but the character Cooter from the pilot movie that ignited the Dukes, was a scoundrel, working with a mafia type trying to put Uncle Jessie’s shine business. Ben was on the MoonRunners as well, as one of the revenuer agents that blew up a still and made the suggestion to put a tracking device on Bo the mule. Bo was later to be the name gave to one of the Dukes.  You can almost , word for word, get the introduction of Sheriff Roscoe from Shiloh County, on the Moon Runner as you got on the first episode of the Dukes. There are many other transitions there if one wants to look it over well.  In the MoonRunners , we had the name of the stock car as Traveler , General Robert E Lee’s horse, and the lead character was named Bobby Lee. Of course that got switched over as the car got named the General Lee. On that, the General was not painted orange on purpose, or to stand out , rather the original shade was John Deere Construction Yellow which as the story line went , was the only paint left in Cooter’s shop to paint some fork lifts. The number 01 came about as the General was the 1st car the two Duke boys ever built.

Any way , got to hit the rack as I need to go to the hospital to get some lab work done and in a few weeks going to get the scope up my butt exam.  But not before I go rescue the radio gear from I4 down in Woods Cross Utah. More on that in my next entry here on HazzardAyre.

L8R Ya’ll