Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Mirage on the Mountain Desert

Well it was a nice idea any way. Thought there was chemistry but found that there really is a canyon to be crossed in getting involved with someone that's 37 years younger than you. Even vocationally its not wise, plus there's narcotics and way too much yuppie shit involved. But at least I can say I'm safe, I have a nice place to reside, the radio gig, albeit I have resided myself to the concept that as much as I'd like to duplicate Stern's diorama its just not able to be found in rural Wyoming, and for the most part not in restrictive LDS territory, so why try. When a gal walks into the studio, and can sit down and get busy on the air the way we do it, then we'll look at hiring people, until then why bother?
What I have noticed and observed is that there a great canyon between the way I was raised and the way the youth we have out there these days, is very great. Too many drug induced pregnancies that result in single parent or abusive homes if you even want to call them homes, gives us youth or young adults that don't trust nobody , don't care if there is another day, just live it up today, because morning may never come. Then there is the alcohol element. Now I like my Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and so on, but how can men or at least male specimens that think they are men, hit or abuse women? Granted some can be a challenge, but my. I'm very blessed, luck has not much to do with it, but I was blessed with a Mom and Dad that truly loved each other, set goals and achieved them, from our farm, to the trucking and aviation company, and me having the blessing of being able to explore possible vocations and interests at a whim . About the only thing I never did learn was how to sew and make a pancake. Everything else has been self taught, with just slight instruction, but respect for others that knew how to do things, observation, and knowing I did not know it all. Much of what I have learned and done, sets off peoples BS meters, however if they only knew, that parents with funds opens doors. 
So Victoria and Becky were Mirages on the Wyoming Mountain Desert, what looked like it might be, ain't but at least Joe and I met and things are good, there. But I can tell you one damn thing, Joe is about to do some house cleaning. Brandon, is history, and Victoria is about to be, and guess who is going to be her first stop? Trouble is she shit in the nest. Using people ain't cool.
It ain't the way we treat people in Dixie, or Hazzard County.

Monday, June 29, 2015

You want to get paid for what?

In these days of automatic entitlement you'd thing that everyone getting government aid wants to stay there. It ain't that much and its harder than hell to retain it. Be that as it may. Then I get some or near to be employees. Guess what, after months of doing the heavy lifting of not only HazzardAyre but also of the Knytes, I'm still doing everything myself. The club asks why are we worrying about paying anyone for anything, when their fearful nature is holding them back. The big question is pay them for what? Get off your ass, do the work, or don't bitch to future employees that you didn't get paid. Again pay you for what? Even then you never replied to my email to come out to the Wolfs Den to pick up your check.
I'm not going to sit around, holding you sweaty little hand guiding you around. You either work, leave  no in between, like Yoda said, Do- Don't , no Try. 
Clubs thoughts are still pointed at going back to Idaho, two months more to see. Deadline is Sept-1-2015.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

If you been wondering where HazzardAyre Radio has been?

Last night was really fun. I got to yap about just about everything ate some well cooked steaks, a few barley pops and 2 5ths of Canadian Mist and a part Black velvet, and visited with the crew. Several other peoples stopped by, and it was a gas, Thanks to Joe and Becky. Joe is my partner at Hazzard County Choppers and main IT engineer for HazzardAyre. I have been having trouble with Livestream, in archiving the shows, so I'm waiting until after we move everything from the apartment here to the shop, studio then going to get everything smoothed out for long hours of fine southern fried online radio. We have some new voices we are training and added to that some cover girls for finally building the website that will accompany HazzardAyre Radio. We'll be doing 3 hour shows from now on. Seems as though anything longer is not recorded for viewing at a later time, so there's been some tech stuff we've been going through, but we'll get there.
Much needed sleep , so I'm horizontal until morning. Going to fire up Highway Hooker Radio at 11:00AM, on www.livestream.com/highwayhookerradio Until then see you on the cyber highway.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Don't wait Openings are only Temporary

When I post an opening online, its not for frills or thrills, its because there is a task that I usually don't have time to do, but yet must be done. There are tons of reasons that I post for online air personalities, that just happen to be female rather than male. Its because there's most likely many male Knytes as well as Wolf Pack members that are of the he gender that I need to match that personality up with to do radio. The idea being once we have the new streaming platform chosen and plugged in, the radio thing needs to be running LIVE 24/7/365. For right now doing this three days out of the week plus overnight on weekends, as HazzardAyre, its okay to have just one or two that I need to train, getting experienced radio people in on a marginally hobby radio gig, is not realistic. Last week a couple of lights shown that I found very inviting. Of which is fully on board, I think, the other hasn't jumped ship from her previous vocation although she held me up from producing Wednesday's show in the afternoon. The disruption however wasn't bad as I got a business partner at HCC, as well, as a tech guru that can be a benefit to HazzardAyre. What happened to Becky? Nobody knows and I damn well ain't going to beg. I'm one that promise me once, deny me next, forget to show, its adios no matter gal or guy. Quite frankly even with the way too much a bit too late, relocating this radio gig west is not that big a reach, however if the right things gets lined up I'm in, but only if they begin to line up, or this old Wolf ain't freezing in western Wyoming another year. There's just not that much here. 
Met a slight ray of Sunshine named Victoria, that has me wrapped right around her sweet little finger. Not to get mushy, but she could easily be an executive in the business side of the Knytes. But only if she takes it seriously enough to glue her rear end to me and stick on my heels for the next three months. Remember October is the deadline for making the final cut.
Any mile, watching Teen Beach 2 on Disney, not so much for story, but costume design for the upcoming movie the Hazzard Knytes. More Hazzard County, less Dukes.
Want to remind club members, we are boycotting Wal-Mart, Amazon, Sears, and all stores that decided it was politically correct to ban selling anything with our Confederate flag on it. While stores that do are selling our rebel flag at a fever pace, guess this one will blow up in Obama's face wont it. He says don't do it, while we all will do it.
Last on the shop, to Joey and all its time to get serious about that. Come by next Saturday, no $450.00 I close the shop, put the rigs in there in storage and me focus on radio, plus relocation to Idaho, there's just not that much in Evanston that get's my shorts wet, to the point that I forget common rebel sense. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looking for a new carrier

We had a great show last night, good audience participation and good content. It went out, but our achieving or the recorded version never recorded. This is getting to becoming a real pain. Seems if the show runs longer than 4 hours the damn thing don't work. Not knocking Livestream, but maybe their thing don't work with ours too well, so now that we have a computer engineer on board now and soon to be on air lady person, maybe we need to start looking at albeit a higher price, but a new carrier. One of their sales people at Livestream has been working with us, but maybe Livestream isn't geared for 24/7/365 broadcasting, just short time stuff, whatever it is we need to look at what other over the air stations are using and follow suit. Problem with Livestream, they're on the Yankee coast, and we're in the Mountain West, meaning when I need my beloved shut eye, Jordan calls. I need a way especially if we're going to be paying $500.00 a year or better, is a better service, so we're kicking tires of other methods of delivery. But I was encouraged by your phone calls over the show preve eve, into early morning, addressing the concerns over our rebel flag, maybe that's why Livestream didn't record the show, maybe they are spooked by things southern heritage and culture.
Join us tonight at 23:00(11:00PM) to 04:00(4:00AM ).

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's not just a regional thang

For about a week now all I have heard from some radical east wing bigots is how bad a bunch us Confederate rebels are and how the taking down of our flag would be the best thing on earth. But it goes much deeper than that. If you look and there is some exceptions here but largely you have urban blacks in fact Urban people pissing all over rural whites and rural America. This is a condition that is threatening our way of life not just us in the Knytes, or SOCV, but all across this nation. Rural America and those that are part of it, from coast to coast feed, cloth and even power this nation. Truckers are the backbone, but farmers and ranchers are the very food that all must consume. Many of which raise the cotton that seamlessly cloth our bodies. If the southern cotton farmer did not grow the cotton, those designer jeans, albeit stitched in China would be for not. Whose going to grow cotton in China? Back in 2004 The Knytes created a stand alone group called the Mountain West Agricultural Coalition, many might have forgotten that. This was the seed of what grew into Southern Steele Media the foundation of HazzardAyre Radio. In the ensuing years we too were persecuted by the urban whimms of people that had no idea or really cared where their food and fiber came from. In 2005 amid some Don't go there attitudes in our organization, I met a great looking gal by the name of Julie in the town of Cokeville Wyoming. I had not even heard about the terrorist assault on Cokeville Schools, I and the Knytes saw a area that could be brought in as a central spot to build a rural based TV as well as radio company. If I move anywhere, the toewing service usually moves too, likewise Hazzard County. Because of the name of my company and people that did not take time to examine things took a word and exploited it, to the point I was moving out of a decrepid house at police gun point. The Knytes will not go there again, nor will we be investing the hundreds of thousands of dollars there to rebuild an old truck stop there as well, but lets move on. The fight over the rebel flag is being done at the cost of southern history and heritage. If this continues, you'll soon see fights over Native American rights to have pow-wows and other similar cultural and heritage celebrations. If such bigotry continues forget anything FARM or Kountry, or rural America being honored. The fight is not just about our beloved flag, its a fight by young impressionable urban people who haven't a clue. Stand up for Dixie, buy as many rebel flags as you can, proudly display them. Refuse to stand and sing the Star Spangled Banner, elect to sing the Dixie Anthem, Don't allow urban hate triumph over rural heritage. Its not just about the south, its about every person in America, planting seeds, germinating a field, harvesting a crop and feeding and clothing America. Once you loose one part of America's fabric you'll end up unraveling the rest of America. Everybody needs to defend America. Its not just a southern regional thyang its a American heritage thyang and America needs saving. I'm working to get our friend Beth Ann of CSC Talk Radio to get me on her show to talk about this situation. In the meanwhile were working on it here at Southern Steele central, to begin airing programming on HazzardAyre www.livestream.com/hazzardayre as well as on Dixie-Diesel/Maximum Overdrive radio www.livestream.com/dixiedieselradio you can help pledge just $10.00 to us so we can gather resources to battle this illness .

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country and flag

If ever there was a time for all rebel gearheads and rebel minded supporters the time is NOW. At Hazzard High School, Mrs Brailsford had us in business skills class learning typing, something I don't do well but get there. But on those old now,(we thought state of the art) IBM Selectric typewritters, the thing she had us do most often was type, It's Time for all good men to come to the aid of his country. Back the the politically correct thing was not as popular so saying just men was allowed. Today that theme should be ringing in every single rebel, southern American, in this nation. Since that thing in South Carolina the cry has been directed at the southern Dixie nation, not on peer Online bullying which is what pushed the young misadjusted youth to commit the crime and hostility that he did. No its making a what had been quiet issue come alive again, and why? It's a pre election year period, and anyone that's running for office is grabbing for headlines. The saying that any press or ink is GOOD ink. But its paranoia got wyld. Is there a cure? Sure there is, but few are really willing to go the xtra step to do so. Its a standard fact if you want to engage politics, do it with press and media. Its also a long lasting given if you want to get ahold of the media, buy advertising, do alot of it. The Knytes-of-Anarchy has been doing that where we could since our inception in 1982, and we still buy media where we can. The fact that we have a radio show and looking to do TV, is one way we put not only lip service out there, but our money where those lips are attached to our mouths. Not asking for riches to line the cash stash of the Knytes, but if we're going to win this battle, my fellow confederates, is to start carving out money orders and checks for a minimum of $100.00 a piece, so we acting on your behalf can buy media time to educate our people, this nation and thus our political leaders. If your proud of our Dixie Nation and our flag, here's what you do, carve out a check for $100.00 send it to : Knytes-of-Anarchy 96 East Hayden #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930 . Lets fight this fight with fire and might, not just a few lines on Facebook, and such. There's too much to loose here. Time is now.

Dividing America again

America is being divided again. While the Church murder slaughtering in South Carolina was bad and tragic, and understand that in no way are we saying that was right, by southern tradition the feller would be hung. However this political condition of removing a symbol of southern heritage from states flags, and memorials to a war that was tragic in itself, is just a bunch of bigots and yes even racists trying to grab headlines to feather their government jobs. If this had been a senseless killing which it was, on a white person, in another place in this nation done by a black person, there might have been a few headlines but soon forgotten. This would though not be the rucus that its being headed up today, by such organizations as the NAACPA and on and on. At a time this nation needs to be united , this mess is going to split this nation up even further. Sure the Knytes-of-Anarchy is fighting to retain the very symbol of a culture and a society that is not racist, not a hate group, just people who truly believe our cause was right. Wal-Mart today said it will remove any and all merchandise and products that sport the Southern flag. Might I remind many, Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, Walgreens and other retailers were founded in the south, right in Atlanta, under that flag they want to now tarnish , because it serves not their sense of patriotism, but threatens their wallet. While the symbol is of our southern ancestry and heritage, The Son's of Confederate Veterans, the Knytes-of-Anarchy, are coast to coast with camps and charters from coast to coast. If this was a say native American, who had done this or this had been done to a Native American, would this nation be so ambitious to rid this nation of their heritage and symbols? The answer is NO. Yet the same thing that occured to our southern states , happened to the Native American's. A US, President the same one by the way, Abe Lincoln, oppressed and by force took the Native American's off their lands, raped their wives and daughters, and we are supposed to be okay with that? Really. Beth Ann says its time to bring America home. This ain't no way to do it. It's time for healing, not starting up a fight, but if it comes to it, we as a part of and with southern ancestors are here ready for that fight. Guns are loaded, airwaves ready. Sorry for not airing a show overnight, had a mess to clean up on US-89 down in Utah, with our Utah unit, and I'm pooped. Oh and to the idiot, that thought it was cool, to poke a hole in the front tire of my small truck Your ass is mine, that cost me a service call. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Crunch time at HCC

It's crunch time at HCC. Dig this , the reason the show is late is because some dumbass decided that it would be a great prank to flatten the tire on LiL Wolf(aka Witchy Woman) but I had a service call, so pumped up the tire, and off I went. After swapped the truck for the car out at my friends shop, and got some needed things for being at home. It's these kinds of things that says someone is sending a message, yet if they who are sending the message thought it was fun the fuzz now has pics and its logged in, more over for a town that wants me to go, so damn bad , the way to do it is leave my rides alone, this is one reason LexiBelle is not here. I'll be damned if I'll let her get violated.  Now to call out Mr. Beaver Dick, on something he mentioned, true fact toew service is not, nor will be in Evanston Wyoming. At least not yet. I'll know if I'm doing that mid next month. No we did not do the station up at the Well's Fargo building, we had it set, but the fact of not being able to find on air help and a staff to run the radio werx 24/7 meant the extra financial expenditure was not validated. So might as well just keep it here in the house, where I can do the show overnight, get my rides up to snuff and get the hell gone to Tooele Utah sometime September or October. Too bad too, as HCC was in the look see of recruiting staff for it, not only mechanics but C&C people as well. But when you keep getting close and folks grab your ass by doing vandalism to your rides and such you look at yourself and say why? Okay failure all around and I'd have not been here this long if my truck and car hadn't puked. Fortunately I was able to buy a good solid used one well below value, all it needs is a few gaskets, and refilling some fluids.  But I'm looking forward to a week from Wednesday, as I'll be going to reunite myself with my beloved LexiBelle, swap the car for her, come over drag Witchy Woman take her over to Twin, put Lexibelle and all I own, in storage except for radio station , that'll go in the office at the shop. Then its go find me housing, shop then move the radio werx to Tooele. Then its fire up where the Knytes had albeit limited but some success. Oh and to answer the other call out by Beaver Dick, sounds like a screen name for a very troubled person, don't it? But no it was not a normal three day ride asshole, I took a ride in the rescue truck, but we all still went.
See ya'll on the radio at 23:00 Monday night.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

These are the times you find out who your true friends are not just your facebook friends

Oh how impersonable we as a nation and society have become. With the passing of one of my not just UCSMC friends but a childhood friend, and while again the Knytes as he too was a member stood up and was there with not only honors of our forgotten member, but an arm around me saying all will be fine we'll all be together in Stovacore. Yet with that and all going on with the church shootings in South Carolina, did anyone, I mean ANYONE here in Evanston come by and say we kind of know what your going through maybe we can at least offer a prayer. Even my friendly Bishop and or a counselor could have at least dropped by. Which leads me to a few insights. A few weeks ago, there was the singing of the Star Spangled Banner in our ward, here in Wyoming. As much as I wanted to, I could not in good conscience stand up and sing that song. It's not that I'm unpatriotic or anything hell I spent 35 years of my life defending and fighting for it. Yet the fact remains, the same nation I stood and fought for is coming unglued at the very threads of the stars and stripes. Yet all I got was a chewing off, and have not yet, had one member of the church come by and say, your forgiven, how about coming back to church. This past Friday, even though I was in Burley doing some duty to Dennies family during the tragedy of their loss, not even a phone call from Brother Dean to say are you coming to clean the church? This reminds me of the same take out garbage that I got at my Mom's funeral, in 1983 at the Hazzard ward of the LDS Church. At the end of that funeral, the Knytes were there, some of the cast from the Dukes were there, many put their arm around me , two club members stayed overnight with me to make sure I was okay, Jimmy rode with me to Grace Idaho for the burriel. Yet, not one member of that congregation of the LDS church even said we're sorry for your loss, but they sure ate themselves pig full at the wake. Their kids enjoyed the toys I alone donated to 14 families with 12 kids a piece, a lady who tirelessly gave and served the church, yet not even one Relief Society member, not one Elder or Priesthood member came by and said can we help, in any way? Yet the Knytes were there. Granted I am greatful as can be at the charity that the Uinta Ward of the LDS Church gave me and the club in recovering the radio gear, paying of my rent for a few months so I could get my feet under me here, but there are times when just a visit, from the church, a prayer, and a shoulder to cry on, is worth more than any financial assistance. 
Most of the years before , and I'm getting to something here, most of the years prior to relocating from Twin Falls to Utah then reluctantly here to Evanston, on Fathers Day, I at least got a phone call from my eldest son Eddy. Or a card, or even a visit, taking me to eat at Denny's there in Pocatello when I lived there. Yet today only my daughter called saying to a my best Dad. But nobody else. Today would have been a good day for a church member to drop by. But nope. So dear Bishop, if I don't come running back to the Ward, for a few more weeks , now you know why.

I can see the guys point but my has it shaken up our Confederacy friends

By now there are a bunch of people including our members wondering the thoughts from the terrific tragedy that is of the shootings in South Carolina. While the Knytes, nor the AyreWolvez condone the actions of this troubled youth, that the racism, and hate built in him to the point of committing such a thing, there are some of us that can see how this kind of thing can escalate to such a point, where one looses their grip on what's good, bad or justified and goes off the deep end. Like this guy that loves to heckle me on our www.livestream.com/hazzardayre comments section. I can see , while not outright killing Beaver Dick, I can see , messing this guy up, to the point he shuts the hell up. I myself did a great job I thought of suppressing the outright rage that I and the Knytes had over some idiots in Mountain Home Idaho a few years back. I've never seen that kind of hate thrown back at someone they said was racist and all , when they were doing the hating, and just egging something on. The club flat wanted to take a short trip to that medium sized community, and tear these people a new one. Even when one kept calling me out, the prick never showed , and decided to hide. I had the pipe, knife and gun ready and I was ready to use them. As such I did what I needed to do, remove myself from the situation, even if it meant getting called yellow. Same thing goes for many here in Evanston, keep pushing and someone's going to break. Not all have the self control and support I have. I chalk it up to Yankee stupid and leave it at that. Of course the fact that every Knyte and Wolf-Pack member sports a Confederate battle flag on their rides and on our bodies, means we align with our southern brethren. I thought it very interesting that Ben Jones aka on TV Cooter, was the feature guest of MSNBC. On the issue of South Carolina, keeping a battle flag on their community building as one Black American person as a symbol of hate. I remember a few years ago, a black American recited the poem , I am their flag at a SOCV rally. There are those informed and educated as to what that flag, we honor means, and there are others that want to play the race card. I for one think too, all too many want to play that race card when it suits them, they get a 15 or so minute of fame , cut a book and speaking contract with a major news source like FoX or MSNBC and after awhile they vanish. The youth who committed this crime was wrong no doubt. Killing innocent people is also wrong, but the public heckling one gets online can drive a person to do such things. I'd like to see some attention gave to stopping online heckling and bullying. Cut down the fuel you extinguish the fire. However over the last few days, our Confederate brethren have all came back out from under their shells yelling stop the Confederacy bashing, I too have said enough is enough on the air and will say here again, stop it. But its like this Beaver Dick, that screen name ought to tell you how miss aligned this guy is, wants to keep pushing. He lives for the hours he can watch our vid radio show then bitch afterwerds on the same site. I myself I can let it roll off my back, yet there might be a Knyte and especially a Knyte of our Honor Guard, that just might track down this Beaver Dick, and feed him his dick, right in his neck after they behead him. My advice? Don't push dude. I can remember once speaking of our lost Knyte and another founding club member. We were at the Flying J Cafe when there was one in Boise. There was one young punk, that kept heckling Dennie and myself, and a gal we all were friends with. While the heckler wasn't killed, after he mentioned he couldn't hear Bro, he did leave with a reason not too, one ear carved off his head by big knife. Bro hated hecklers and backed that up. Strange we never got heckled there again. The Knytes and AyreWolvez have never been racist, we welcome new able to be members and pledges from all ethnic groups except for Musslims we wont let them in for nothing we do draw the line, but we also draw the line on allowing people in based on character and loyalty factors, not just because of their skin color or race. Our Sub Charter in Blackfoot Idaho has as its President a Mexican American. He's one of my best friends. I have seen Videl go against his own race in defense of the club, its a loyalty thing , not a race thing. I have more on this, but I need to get ready for tonight's HazzardAyre show, but in closing yes I can sort of see this youths point, get heckled enough your going to break. You lash out, was it wrong? Sure, but lets get off the fact of our battle flag, and all of that lets look at how we stop online bullying and urging, then such things wont happen.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

It was a run but not for fun

It was a run alright but not for fun. Over the last 3 days the Knytes along with our brother club the AyreWolvez treked over to the Hazzard part of Idaho to give memory and attend a funeral of one of our own of the AyreWolvez. With a fly over and all that took place I say Dennie has a better place to rest. Reganald K Denniel of Hazzard Idaho past away while serving in the peace missions of the Persian Gulf. He and his team were assaulted by Surface to Air weapons . At Least Dennie past away doing what he loved to do, fly. I can remember it was a mild sweet summers day in 1976 when Dennie and I cruising by CSI in Twin Falls spotted a light robin egg blue 65 Mustang with some real hotties in it. We gave pursuit, and ended up in that pursuit signing up for USMC . Of course I myself didn't immediately qualify, and so was taken in by the U.S. Navy as a ICS when it was learned my skill was not going to be used for 2 years, I opted to Aviation Mechanics. At least I got on a ship, fixing aircraft. Of course when I got to AFFEES and all in Boise, with some trepidation the Navy discarded me, but with some area scrambling by two recruiters, at the time the office of Senator Frank Church and the Senator himself, while the USN didn't want me, the USMC did. So there I was. So Dennie and I met in the Shilo Inn in Boise, had our grand dinner of $10.00 and partyed like there was no more time on earth. We both arrived at Pariss Island NC, stood on those yellow boot prints, had our hair shaved off and within a year, both of us were in San Diego CA. Only for 8 months Dennie was in CA, I was in Florida. Apparently the US-DOD had left off the mechanics side of the aviation side of my specialty training and just put on Aviation. Within 3 years I was in all parts of the South Pacific, Dennie on a carrier, me on ground duty except for the few times we had to do quals on a carrier. in March 1982 I got assigned duty with the 214, and by mid March duty stateside with the 214 in reserve active duty at Yuma Arizona. I put my nose to the study zone and by 1991 had climbed up the ladder to Major as did Dennie. 
In closing I lost a very dear friend and am still healing and so we have decided to run another edition of HazzardAyre Retro. Of course the Fathers Day Bike/truck run to all parts Wyoming Utah and Idaho has been scrubbed until the weekend following the 4th of July. 
That's all I have to say about that.

Friday, June 19, 2015

tODAY i DID WHAT i AIN'T done in awhile

This morning I did two things I ain't done too often these last few weeks. First I got off the air on time, and on budget. We made some money on air last night. With that in mind I then sat , had coffee and watched FoX 13 news and while it was what news is, I'm very impressed by the hot blonde , FoX 13 has doing weather. Okay then, my insides though are all twisted up. Guess that chilli I had at 21:00 hours preve eve didn't help much.  Its also residual of the uphevil that was that seatcover from Texas. She's okay and all, and she can believe what she wants to, but there was a job for her here at HazzardAyre. Thing is that both Kim and Kent ain't been to swell on me nor the Knytes since Kim killed the buy of KBAR. Considering that he saw us as a threat if we had've bought that dinky station. But what the hell even Bambi has enemies. However too, the ordeal, made me realize , just as I said last night on air, I like women just fine, they smell purtty and all, but I'll keep from getting too emotional and caring both from a personal and especially professional basis. It also reminded me, why I live and like to live by myself. While my four pawed cousins are social creatures, this Wolf ain't one of them. I like my privacy.
Okay then on the ride that was planned for this weekend that has been put off until the 11th or right after the 4th of July, the reason is one of our Wolf-Pack of our brother organizations the AyreWolvez was killed in a SAM fight in Afgone as we call it. So we will be doing both 4 and 2 wheel road trip to Tooele Utah to honor him at his funeral. Deets on Highway Hooker Toewing.com 
We're looking at doing a flyover as well in his honor. News deets will be on Fox 13.
Can't wait to move home to or near Hazzard.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

At best Hazzard County is a dream of heart

At least I alone and maybe I am alone in this, but I know what it means to not only live in , but live everyday as though I was in Hazzard County. Sadly there are too many and much of our nation that has no damn idea. The simplicty of living Hazzard County of the early years is gone. Sadly our United States is all but United, freedom and liberty , no matter how many elections , no matter how many high paying politicians we throw at it our nation is gone, or just about there. Sure there is Heavenly Father that I hope he will send his son to intervene soon, but our planet is killing itself. Which is why I withdraw into a sort of shell, every day and all night that takes me back to when I just flat floored a hot rod through Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho, outwitting most of the time the local law that was bound and determined to lock me or one of the Knytes up for high speed demonstrations. But I really remember the quiet times too. There is simply not the words to convey the unwinding feelings of sitting at Hazzard lake with a Russian Olive tree branch with a string and a diaper pin bent just right fishing for trout and that sometimes small mouth bass or catfish. I remember just watching the squirrels and rock chucks and other critters, some that became some what pets. They'd come to me for a treat and chatter away. Sitting on a tree log in the shade , just thinking of a mad world that then was at least for me at the time galaxies away. Our only contact with that mad world was Miss Tizzdale and the mail, and Mountain Bell the phone company. Past that unless we hot footed to Twin Falls, there was peace.
In Hazzard itself anything and everything was possible, and few dared say anything against the Knytes, more over nobody felt a need to. We did our thing, and as for things like getting a gal or two to co-host a radio show or be a pinup, was as easy as a CB call away, or if need be a notice at GearHeads Cafe. Past that it was big inch Mopar, Chevy, or Ford engines that filled our lives. 
Of course then there was the loyalty factor, which there was plenty of, yet today and believe me when I say Kim And Kent Lee are going to find out what it means to insult the Knytes, yes the bastards at Lee Family Broadcasting did it again. Told our potential new hire that we were full of it, and run. Thing is I can also remember the money of the Knytes building their cash stash as well. An old mentor of mine, by the name of Mike Parkhurst that created Overdrive Magazine said it best. Don't lie about me and I wont have to tell the truth about you. Hell I've known that little snot nosed fart knocker Kim and his idiotic nerdy brother Kent since we were dang near toddlers. I and I alone, helped initiate what became their Z103 when I took on an idea, album rock on KFMA 92.7 in Jerome Idaho, that his entire empire was built on. Maybe a few loyalty pills out to be taken inwerds. The real reason, that HazzardAyre Radio and all was created in the first place was simply that all too many LDS bound bigots, racists and carpetbaggers in local media in that are then said no to all things Hazzard County. So Hazzard County fired back and we won. 
Any mile the gal from Texas blew off the concept, and if I sound like I'm upset, maybe a bit, but not at her, but at a few of who I once called friend has became a enemy. And Knytes fix enemies. 
HazzardAyre returns at 23:00 Friday.

Maybe its time to look for another stream provider

Had a great show last night, hope most of ya'll heard it, but when I looked in the archive saved part of www.livestream.com/hazzardayre  and looked for the show we called HazzardAyre Twisted Sister, could not find. No it wasn't about the rock group of that name it was about a wyld ryde and the music that went along with it, but hey it is what it is. The old adage of you get what you pay for may apply, here. However like most things, I ain't buying until I know that if I invest $500.00 for a year the bastard is going to work as it has been. What it means is doing last nights show all over again. However the frustration grows and I'd be lying if I said the Knytes and I are looking for another service and finding out how to migrate our programming from Livestream elsewhere. Bet your ass I'm on the phone in the AM with somebody there at Livestream, that should have been saved yet wasn't. 
Okay then, looks as though the gal from Texas flew the Wolf-Pack, guess she was intimidated by the MC or that the radio gig is owned and operated by an MC. Whatever it is that shook her guess she wasn't as much of a biker type as we would have liked. Too bad too, since I had full intentions of plugging her into the Burley station. Guess she thought we were part of another station there(KBAR) we ain't. Although had good old Kim went along with the plan it would have been, that's why we sold KTOW to that outfit in Colorado. But as I said on air last night, I myself do not get one damn cent for this radio gig, all outside talent does and gets paid damn good for it. Me I do it because of my love for you who are members of the Knytes-of-Anarchy, as well as the AyreWolvez. Any way I ran a full 5 hours, hope it got out, I think it did as we had a few callers, but damn Livestream, when I push the button to save a show, I damn well better have it saved. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So where did Airwolf(AyreWolf) join Hazzard County?

I remember it vividly, I had just moved from Glenn's Ferry Idaho the first time, to Jerome Idaho, on the promise of a part time job ushering cattle through the chutes at Producers Livestock Company there, and when that went south, I said there's got to be something different to do here. Still part timing radio I was watching the TV series based on my squadron the VMA214 when I heard overhead two F4U Corsairs fly by. Thinking I was dreaming I went out and checked. As they made their circle for a final on landing, I switched on the scanner and heard where they were to land. So I scrubbed the breakfast I had planned and went out to the Jerome County Airport. I followed the trail of the Corsairs, and found in a medium sized hangar , a place called AirPower LTD, a vintage warbird restoration company . When I got a job there sweeping floors and doing mild duty, I asked John there one day just how much does people pay to buy these birds, he told me and it did not take much to convince me that rebuilding these old aircraft was better than just building bikes or hot rods. So as the Hazzard County Knytes was a way to bring gearheads together, thought was lets bring wingnuts together, to support, what we called BlackSheep Aviation Restoration. It wasn't until mid 2001 when because of the thoughts of a NASCAR truck racing team, I relocated to Utah. My cousin Gordon my other Cousin, Bud took the held financials of the Montgomery Foundation and took the page out of TV and reworded RodeWolf into Airwolf, to because of copyright concerns AyreWolf. The sibling group of the then Knytes-of-Anarchy, became the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association, and focused on all forms of Navy and Marine aircraft as well as helicopters. Because of that history the idea of doing old fashioned pin up girl calendars as they were in combat history as was done with aircraft nose art etc came about. Yes we revived that, and as they say its history. So that's how Military flight got together with Hazzard County that created in part, HazzardAyre Radio.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In The Beginning back in the day

Back in the day in the beginning, we never intended that HazzardAyre or its immediate cousin Southern Steele Radio was never meant to become what they became and are. The reason the entire radio station idea came about was few if anyone in mainstream radio wanted to publicize what was going on in our youth based 4-H trucker vocational club. The Movements of the TeenAge Truckers Association were as wyld as advertising the corner drug dealer, or that was what many in the business saw it as. Our organization was saying teens and tweens yes you too can drive 18 wheels. Yes there is life hauling freight and going toewing. So since nobody else did it, or would do it, I took a brief amount of knowledge, some of Dads dollars and did an experiment, could a truckers based radio gig done in the Mountain West, become as wyld and roudy as that on networks coming from Texas, Nashville etc. So in 1973 at the front of the Arab oil embargo and the restriction of the 55 or double nickle speed limit, from a purposely built part of where I resided along with mom & dad, KDSL or KAY-DIESEL at FM 89.1 went on the air. Along with our feature radio show, Long Haul Radio. By the late 1970's we were no longer teens and was wondering where to take things as an organization, when all things Hazzard County and the Dukes-of-Hazzard came into the picture. So a none official fan club of the Dukes and a rural gearheads club was formed. Still no radio people or TV stations wanted to touch us. So We said lets take what we did with Long Haul Radio, and KDSL and do it Hazzard style, total fight the system radio. So radio station KTOW , was launched. With the core of being the only radio for those who tow. Course few could not pronounce tow, as it is supposed to be, so we put a big Toe in the mix and TOEW came to light. KTOW ran until 2011 when we sold the call letters to a station in Colorado to fund a new creation. KTOW was and is still our baby , no matter who says otherwise. 
In 1997 we launched an episodic(Episode) program called Southern Steele to compete with then American Chopper. That was done so our shop that we thought should have been said was us to begin with. With Hazzard County Choppers, we said lets do both a TV show/ with a radio show called SouthernSteele and that got stolen by the Discovery channel. Not to be defeated, the minds of us southern kountry guys got together and launched HCC. By 2009 the Hazzard County Knytes had now became the Knytes-of-Anarchy by title and verse. Since the TV series came from our book we took liberties, not to be disputed. Over time SOA's people decided to partner rather than fight, so we were there. Mid 2009 the crew of both AyreWolfFM and Dixie-Diesel(HCC) radio were tired. But I wasn't. In the middle of the night I got a bolt from the sky of what to create. A meeting the next day came the idea, munch HCC together with AyreWolfFM and we got HazzardAyre. HazzardAyre has taken off like a Jack rabbit on steroids. We as a gearhead club never thought that what we were doing would hit, like it has. And continues to evolve. HazzardAyre is the champion, often criticized due to our flamboyant attitudes and antics, but we also know we have a greater power to serve our master Jesus Christ, since it was after all his bolt out of Heaven that gave me the idea. So in a dark motel room in 2012 HazzardAyre began broadcasting, over the air. In mid 2013 I was introduced to webcasting although I had played with it before through other venues I had never taken it seriously. Then there were people saying if we could only hear you back east, or down south etc. So a MC friend of mine in Lake Tahoe said sign up with this outfit called LiveStream. So I did, but then we didn't have the bandwidth to do that justice. By early 2014 HazzardAyre on www.livestream.com/hazzardayre took off like the gun shot of superman. All of a sudden the supporters of our old syndication station airings and all said, lets get behind you. So we re-launched in Ogden Utah in June 2014. Just over a year ago, we moved into a office space that we turned into a studio. We thought we had a hog by the butt there in Woods Cross Utah, when two idiotic roommates never paid the bill of co-rent to me. and the club was dissappointed that we couldn't get sweet female bodies even in an office to do shows. So I killed my apartment in Ogden and tried to habitate in the studio office. This lasted until the last part of November. When I was even then looking for a domicile, a message from a MC member here in Evanston said, you do know KEVA went tits up don't you? No I didn't so I made the trek to Evanston, got caught up in a snow storm, no internet, no phone, couldn't contact the people that rented us the office space there in Woods Cross Utah, they were about to throw out the gear, so with the help of the Church (thank God) HazzardAyre was rescued. App was made on the old license here. But here now we are looking at just using the Evanston location as a sub station, and putting the new flagship station right where HazzardAyre started. Where there are albeit limited but at least the human resources we need as well as the telecom backbone that HazzardAyre Radio and soon HazzardAyre TV Network can live. The history though and finalizing here, HazzardAyre has become nearly an entity of its own. We never thought that just a near pirate station to get the word out of the clubs activities and events would have become and is what it is now. All I can say is Stay Tuned the giant is about to get bigger .

Moving forward but looking west to do that

Too hot to live in with cold shoulders is an underwear statement. It's been nearly a year that I left my beloved LexiBelle
  While I have been attempting to erect a monument to Interstate Over the road radio she just sits. The rewards of what I do are so scarce and infrequent that I at times wonder why I do this? Then I see or hear from a listener, that says he was saved some serious accident by avoiding a patch of highway during a bad storm, that I remember that its you who groove on the big road. However the grease on the fifth wheel is not as easy as it should be. So with that the Knytes have said, lets put the gig in Wyoming to bed. Move the gig and the rigs where bucks can be easier to make with my trucks, and be more effortlessly streaming. So it is with heavy heart and the kick in the ass that we will moving operations from Evanston in September to Idaho, mainly Burley. This means even our new gal from Texas should be looking more at Idaho, not Wyoming. Deets tonight on the show. Be tuned in at www.livestream.com/hazzardayre starting at 11:00PM .
Saw a bit of a happening here today, and it might have been something else, but got kicked in the jaw , by one I tried to help, named Niki, and the jealous or maybe over protective attitude , but Janet's guy, was not letting her into my domicile here to fix the screen on the back porch, and they forgot the switch to the light in the head. Even Janet was a bit put offish today. Seems although they haven't said so, but I think she and Lester think its best I depart. That Delbert guy said he was in, but has been gun shy, so I am not going to kicked in the head twice. So starting to look at housing in and around Burley. Stay tuned.