Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's not just a regional thang

For about a week now all I have heard from some radical east wing bigots is how bad a bunch us Confederate rebels are and how the taking down of our flag would be the best thing on earth. But it goes much deeper than that. If you look and there is some exceptions here but largely you have urban blacks in fact Urban people pissing all over rural whites and rural America. This is a condition that is threatening our way of life not just us in the Knytes, or SOCV, but all across this nation. Rural America and those that are part of it, from coast to coast feed, cloth and even power this nation. Truckers are the backbone, but farmers and ranchers are the very food that all must consume. Many of which raise the cotton that seamlessly cloth our bodies. If the southern cotton farmer did not grow the cotton, those designer jeans, albeit stitched in China would be for not. Whose going to grow cotton in China? Back in 2004 The Knytes created a stand alone group called the Mountain West Agricultural Coalition, many might have forgotten that. This was the seed of what grew into Southern Steele Media the foundation of HazzardAyre Radio. In the ensuing years we too were persecuted by the urban whimms of people that had no idea or really cared where their food and fiber came from. In 2005 amid some Don't go there attitudes in our organization, I met a great looking gal by the name of Julie in the town of Cokeville Wyoming. I had not even heard about the terrorist assault on Cokeville Schools, I and the Knytes saw a area that could be brought in as a central spot to build a rural based TV as well as radio company. If I move anywhere, the toewing service usually moves too, likewise Hazzard County. Because of the name of my company and people that did not take time to examine things took a word and exploited it, to the point I was moving out of a decrepid house at police gun point. The Knytes will not go there again, nor will we be investing the hundreds of thousands of dollars there to rebuild an old truck stop there as well, but lets move on. The fight over the rebel flag is being done at the cost of southern history and heritage. If this continues, you'll soon see fights over Native American rights to have pow-wows and other similar cultural and heritage celebrations. If such bigotry continues forget anything FARM or Kountry, or rural America being honored. The fight is not just about our beloved flag, its a fight by young impressionable urban people who haven't a clue. Stand up for Dixie, buy as many rebel flags as you can, proudly display them. Refuse to stand and sing the Star Spangled Banner, elect to sing the Dixie Anthem, Don't allow urban hate triumph over rural heritage. Its not just about the south, its about every person in America, planting seeds, germinating a field, harvesting a crop and feeding and clothing America. Once you loose one part of America's fabric you'll end up unraveling the rest of America. Everybody needs to defend America. Its not just a southern regional thyang its a American heritage thyang and America needs saving. I'm working to get our friend Beth Ann of CSC Talk Radio to get me on her show to talk about this situation. In the meanwhile were working on it here at Southern Steele central, to begin airing programming on HazzardAyre as well as on Dixie-Diesel/Maximum Overdrive radio you can help pledge just $10.00 to us so we can gather resources to battle this illness .