Tuesday, June 9, 2015

$40.00 Shy my , my, my

Well, my my, we were $40.00 shy, so gotta hit the Bishop up for that Wednesday or Sunday. Let ya'll know. The existance of me at the Wentworth is very sketchy at best. Not doing away with the shop, nor Evanston, just the Wentworth. Nobody is coming out and saying it, but there might be a few of these filly's here that think I might want to shake the dew off their lilies . So maybe for a short time bedding down in the shop might just be what the sprits of Kahless ordered. 
That'd put me in  a different Ward and that might be good, too considering the attitude, or whatever that is that I gather from all too many there, is while again not exactly giving me the boot, they'd all like to see me , leave so we'll see by end of July.
Okay then, been in production for the last week. Some including that Beaver Duck, thinks its all so damn easy. It ain't, it takes hours of taping, editing, voice over, and re editing to bring out the best show, that I can do for those who truck and toew. 
I pretty have made up my mind to regrind, the grounded latitude, of splitting gears, and toewing, not that flying isn't important to me, but the ayre care and all, is a bit of a distance away, plus until AyreWolf Aviation is retrofitted to being HazzardAyre Aviation, which could take a year or so, might as roll out with RodeWolf, and Dixie-Diesel/Maximum Overdrive as well as Highway Hooker Radio, and all that makes that up. But the Ayre will stay under the wings on a weekend binge, the rest of the week we will truck the cyber ayrewaves with both Dixie Diesel/Maximum Overdrive, as well as Highway Hooker Radio, afternoons. and HazzardAyre on weekends.
See you on the Cyber AyreWaves