Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Moving forward but looking west to do that

Too hot to live in with cold shoulders is an underwear statement. It's been nearly a year that I left my beloved LexiBelle
  While I have been attempting to erect a monument to Interstate Over the road radio she just sits. The rewards of what I do are so scarce and infrequent that I at times wonder why I do this? Then I see or hear from a listener, that says he was saved some serious accident by avoiding a patch of highway during a bad storm, that I remember that its you who groove on the big road. However the grease on the fifth wheel is not as easy as it should be. So with that the Knytes have said, lets put the gig in Wyoming to bed. Move the gig and the rigs where bucks can be easier to make with my trucks, and be more effortlessly streaming. So it is with heavy heart and the kick in the ass that we will moving operations from Evanston in September to Idaho, mainly Burley. This means even our new gal from Texas should be looking more at Idaho, not Wyoming. Deets tonight on the show. Be tuned in at www.livestream.com/hazzardayre starting at 11:00PM .
Saw a bit of a happening here today, and it might have been something else, but got kicked in the jaw , by one I tried to help, named Niki, and the jealous or maybe over protective attitude , but Janet's guy, was not letting her into my domicile here to fix the screen on the back porch, and they forgot the switch to the light in the head. Even Janet was a bit put offish today. Seems although they haven't said so, but I think she and Lester think its best I depart. That Delbert guy said he was in, but has been gun shy, so I am not going to kicked in the head twice. So starting to look at housing in and around Burley. Stay tuned.