Sunday, June 28, 2015

If you been wondering where HazzardAyre Radio has been?

Last night was really fun. I got to yap about just about everything ate some well cooked steaks, a few barley pops and 2 5ths of Canadian Mist and a part Black velvet, and visited with the crew. Several other peoples stopped by, and it was a gas, Thanks to Joe and Becky. Joe is my partner at Hazzard County Choppers and main IT engineer for HazzardAyre. I have been having trouble with Livestream, in archiving the shows, so I'm waiting until after we move everything from the apartment here to the shop, studio then going to get everything smoothed out for long hours of fine southern fried online radio. We have some new voices we are training and added to that some cover girls for finally building the website that will accompany HazzardAyre Radio. We'll be doing 3 hour shows from now on. Seems as though anything longer is not recorded for viewing at a later time, so there's been some tech stuff we've been going through, but we'll get there.
Much needed sleep , so I'm horizontal until morning. Going to fire up Highway Hooker Radio at 11:00AM, on Until then see you on the cyber highway.