Wednesday, June 10, 2015

curiosity doesn't kill the cat, but it sure makes it sniff around

Last night had a damn good show, most things clicked and I'm more enthusiastic over relaunching at full warp speed , Dixie Diesel Radio. In that light we are beefing up operations, and looking fore intensive but hand selected crewmates. So last night I texted three of the gal pals that first interviewed for the second seat chair here at Dixie Diesel HQ.
First, we are moving the station to the shop, now that I know that we can get cable and all there. Second we are expanding our sales efforts. Now this by no means will negate or cancell out HazzardAyre. However, HazzardAyre will shift gears here, to being a weekend gig, rather than an every day thing. Once I get General Deere in good running shape, its off to Bear Lake region to see about home, and so on there. Commute between. this all started because management of the Wentworth was tee-owed about late rent being $40.00 short. Okay I figured wrong, Bishop figured wrong, and will be made up, but these folks could let me slide on $40.00? If the owners of this complex are so damn hard up, maybe I need be looking for sweeter quarters. Second, they wont let you park where ya'll want. No over two vehicles you park out back, and that's if you need space for two, you'd be hard pressed to get it. I do, but hey I'm a single male , not a mentally challenged just pregnant female on state aid. Which means, Hong Kong Phooey, if I can get a second parking space. And why? Seems as though we have a theft problem here. Look I just lost over $5,k of SnapOn Tools. My portable compressor, and a second hand unit,(walkie-Talkie) in essence $10k, of property. I have suggested being taken on as a security cop here, maybe halfing my rent in kind, or at least giving me authority to act. Management and owners say no. So maybe I get their attention through law suit. Surly there's enough support to nail the owners of the Wentworth some serious green drain. 
So I texted that one spitfire by the name of Brandy, that I think between her and her gal pal, would make a great team all around. She texted back. So let ya'll know what happens. But thing is, its not a lovey dovey thing or even close nor can we just yet flip her on full time, but I think we could make a team.