Wednesday, June 3, 2015

the Unemployment State Benefits job searches

The Unemployment, State aid job searches. If your in any kind of business, you know the story. Someone calls says they are interested in your open staff spot, so you invite them in, interview them taking up at least two hours of your time, then when it comes time they are supposed to be at work, guess what? They are not interested. At first you think , hey its my fault , what did I say to piee em off? It wasn't you. The reality is simple, there is a requirement in some states that says those on state aid, housing assistance etc, need and should be looking for work. Yes get a damn job. If they don't show that they have been to enough places for an interview, or applied enough in enough places, they get their benefits reduced or even cut off. I have discovered through some of my friends that this is what's indeed going on with many of the proposed new hires. None of them were truly interested, but our gig was a good cover to go interview to retain state aid. 
My thoughts is, that once they apply, they must certify that they have been at least be given a medium term training period, so they at least gain a skill, or their benefits get cut off. Kind of like the LDS Church does at the sort center in SLC, or the truck shop of the LDS' fleet. 
As long as state and Federal agencies allow unwed mothers, to go about life without a care using state financial resources, to nurse of that State hind teat, without at least showing they are doing something to get off the public food/housing roles such as what I'm doing, then they should be cut off.
Now to close, HazzardAyre Radio will air at 02:00 instead of 23:00 tonight. As I have another gig to do.