Monday, June 22, 2015

Crunch time at HCC

It's crunch time at HCC. Dig this , the reason the show is late is because some dumbass decided that it would be a great prank to flatten the tire on LiL Wolf(aka Witchy Woman) but I had a service call, so pumped up the tire, and off I went. After swapped the truck for the car out at my friends shop, and got some needed things for being at home. It's these kinds of things that says someone is sending a message, yet if they who are sending the message thought it was fun the fuzz now has pics and its logged in, more over for a town that wants me to go, so damn bad , the way to do it is leave my rides alone, this is one reason LexiBelle is not here. I'll be damned if I'll let her get violated.  Now to call out Mr. Beaver Dick, on something he mentioned, true fact toew service is not, nor will be in Evanston Wyoming. At least not yet. I'll know if I'm doing that mid next month. No we did not do the station up at the Well's Fargo building, we had it set, but the fact of not being able to find on air help and a staff to run the radio werx 24/7 meant the extra financial expenditure was not validated. So might as well just keep it here in the house, where I can do the show overnight, get my rides up to snuff and get the hell gone to Tooele Utah sometime September or October. Too bad too, as HCC was in the look see of recruiting staff for it, not only mechanics but C&C people as well. But when you keep getting close and folks grab your ass by doing vandalism to your rides and such you look at yourself and say why? Okay failure all around and I'd have not been here this long if my truck and car hadn't puked. Fortunately I was able to buy a good solid used one well below value, all it needs is a few gaskets, and refilling some fluids.  But I'm looking forward to a week from Wednesday, as I'll be going to reunite myself with my beloved LexiBelle, swap the car for her, come over drag Witchy Woman take her over to Twin, put Lexibelle and all I own, in storage except for radio station , that'll go in the office at the shop. Then its go find me housing, shop then move the radio werx to Tooele. Then its fire up where the Knytes had albeit limited but some success. Oh and to answer the other call out by Beaver Dick, sounds like a screen name for a very troubled person, don't it? But no it was not a normal three day ride asshole, I took a ride in the rescue truck, but we all still went.
See ya'll on the radio at 23:00 Monday night.