Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't throw out the baby with the bath water

I'm always amazed at the utter or should I say udder fear of the American public. At least Yankee public. There's far too much playing it sage and tight to the chest, to the point that risk taking is robbing all too many things that could be considered innovative, if not inventive. Consider Mark Zuckerburg. He founded Facebook in a Havard College dorm, room invited even young women there to write code, design the site and so on. Many did it without fear of being attacked or riden like a Harley. Nope they believed in a product,and a service. They all knew that the Internet was hot and getting hotter. Even when they moved west to Gay Bay, Mark rented a split level duplex house with swimming pool. They played, ate pizza and built the foundation of a billion dollar plus empire, called Facebook. Nobody fear sexual contact or anything, it was the belief of a future in something that kicked ass. Some may say to me, well your not Mark Zuckerburg, nope I ain't , but back then neither was Mark, Mark back then. Now the other thing is, well your radio station is in your house. So was Mark's, and hey that's Frisco. Not quiet and unassuming Evanston. So if someone is fearful, here's an idea, only come in one or two days, do your gig with me, and or a club member, then go home and do your own thing the rest of the time,. HazzardAyre and all its siblings has been making solid money for nearly a decade. Never failed yet, still very strong with a backbone, and backed by one of the largest most stable organizations of its kind all legal. So to Brandy, Brittney, Andrea and Autumn, rather that sit on your hands in fear here. Why not try us on in full throttle mode just once, why be timid?
Don't quit your current job, just to work for us three or even two days out of the week. 
HazzardAyre will now run weekends and the nightly haul is on overnight trucker radio done Hazzard County style. Oh and before I go, the only difference in us versus Facebook, is the focus. We are online radio, Facebook is a social site. We both are a service online, on the Cyber highway.