Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Mirage on the Mountain Desert

Well it was a nice idea any way. Thought there was chemistry but found that there really is a canyon to be crossed in getting involved with someone that's 37 years younger than you. Even vocationally its not wise, plus there's narcotics and way too much yuppie shit involved. But at least I can say I'm safe, I have a nice place to reside, the radio gig, albeit I have resided myself to the concept that as much as I'd like to duplicate Stern's diorama its just not able to be found in rural Wyoming, and for the most part not in restrictive LDS territory, so why try. When a gal walks into the studio, and can sit down and get busy on the air the way we do it, then we'll look at hiring people, until then why bother?
What I have noticed and observed is that there a great canyon between the way I was raised and the way the youth we have out there these days, is very great. Too many drug induced pregnancies that result in single parent or abusive homes if you even want to call them homes, gives us youth or young adults that don't trust nobody , don't care if there is another day, just live it up today, because morning may never come. Then there is the alcohol element. Now I like my Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and so on, but how can men or at least male specimens that think they are men, hit or abuse women? Granted some can be a challenge, but my. I'm very blessed, luck has not much to do with it, but I was blessed with a Mom and Dad that truly loved each other, set goals and achieved them, from our farm, to the trucking and aviation company, and me having the blessing of being able to explore possible vocations and interests at a whim . About the only thing I never did learn was how to sew and make a pancake. Everything else has been self taught, with just slight instruction, but respect for others that knew how to do things, observation, and knowing I did not know it all. Much of what I have learned and done, sets off peoples BS meters, however if they only knew, that parents with funds opens doors. 
So Victoria and Becky were Mirages on the Wyoming Mountain Desert, what looked like it might be, ain't but at least Joe and I met and things are good, there. But I can tell you one damn thing, Joe is about to do some house cleaning. Brandon, is history, and Victoria is about to be, and guess who is going to be her first stop? Trouble is she shit in the nest. Using people ain't cool.
It ain't the way we treat people in Dixie, or Hazzard County.