Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Other Blog and why?

Back a few weeks ago now, there was a panic amongst Blogger, Blogees, that had the loudest howl I have ever heard. Seems that there was a software bug that caused Windows Live Writer and Blogger not to communicate well if at all. As for me I still can't get here from WLW, so I had to do something, and something I did, was to group everything under the blog for my personal company Highway Hooker Toewing. So you go online, cyber cruise to and that's now the happy place. I find that loads faster, comes up faster online, and while it does not go immediately to my usual emailing list, still the important people that need to go and learn about club happenings, my company' happenings and just my thoughts go there now. And you can too.
Tried to get on air with either SAMCRO RADIO( or of course HazzardAyre( it wasn't nobody' fault here, its just I got tied up running toews and producing the show that by 00:30 I was too pooped to pop, so tried to sleep , just winding down now, after taking my meds for my diabetes.
The new me though is important to note. While I'm for sure not , repeat NOT giving up anything AyreWolf, I am scaling back that some and resurrecting RodeWolf. The reason is pretty clear, its going to be a long time if ever I get back to flying full time. Which is why I'm pointing the hounds at my local Bishop, to pay the rest of my rent for June here, so I can put the money into locating a school, in SLC or at least someone local, to get me through to getting me my CDL(Commercial Drivers License) to advance my toewing as well as my trucking career and abilities. Its just more realistic. Don't get me wrong doing radio is great, but doing radio for truckers if I'm not trucking, as well as doing radio if I'm not going toewing as much as I used to is just being a poser. Or just fronting. I will not be a phony. I'm either trucking and/or toewing or I'm off the air. So in closing if you want to follow my blogs etc, log onto TTYLY