Saturday, June 20, 2015

It was a run but not for fun

It was a run alright but not for fun. Over the last 3 days the Knytes along with our brother club the AyreWolvez treked over to the Hazzard part of Idaho to give memory and attend a funeral of one of our own of the AyreWolvez. With a fly over and all that took place I say Dennie has a better place to rest. Reganald K Denniel of Hazzard Idaho past away while serving in the peace missions of the Persian Gulf. He and his team were assaulted by Surface to Air weapons . At Least Dennie past away doing what he loved to do, fly. I can remember it was a mild sweet summers day in 1976 when Dennie and I cruising by CSI in Twin Falls spotted a light robin egg blue 65 Mustang with some real hotties in it. We gave pursuit, and ended up in that pursuit signing up for USMC . Of course I myself didn't immediately qualify, and so was taken in by the U.S. Navy as a ICS when it was learned my skill was not going to be used for 2 years, I opted to Aviation Mechanics. At least I got on a ship, fixing aircraft. Of course when I got to AFFEES and all in Boise, with some trepidation the Navy discarded me, but with some area scrambling by two recruiters, at the time the office of Senator Frank Church and the Senator himself, while the USN didn't want me, the USMC did. So there I was. So Dennie and I met in the Shilo Inn in Boise, had our grand dinner of $10.00 and partyed like there was no more time on earth. We both arrived at Pariss Island NC, stood on those yellow boot prints, had our hair shaved off and within a year, both of us were in San Diego CA. Only for 8 months Dennie was in CA, I was in Florida. Apparently the US-DOD had left off the mechanics side of the aviation side of my specialty training and just put on Aviation. Within 3 years I was in all parts of the South Pacific, Dennie on a carrier, me on ground duty except for the few times we had to do quals on a carrier. in March 1982 I got assigned duty with the 214, and by mid March duty stateside with the 214 in reserve active duty at Yuma Arizona. I put my nose to the study zone and by 1991 had climbed up the ladder to Major as did Dennie. 
In closing I lost a very dear friend and am still healing and so we have decided to run another edition of HazzardAyre Retro. Of course the Fathers Day Bike/truck run to all parts Wyoming Utah and Idaho has been scrubbed until the weekend following the 4th of July. 
That's all I have to say about that.