Sunday, June 21, 2015

I can see the guys point but my has it shaken up our Confederacy friends

By now there are a bunch of people including our members wondering the thoughts from the terrific tragedy that is of the shootings in South Carolina. While the Knytes, nor the AyreWolvez condone the actions of this troubled youth, that the racism, and hate built in him to the point of committing such a thing, there are some of us that can see how this kind of thing can escalate to such a point, where one looses their grip on what's good, bad or justified and goes off the deep end. Like this guy that loves to heckle me on our comments section. I can see , while not outright killing Beaver Dick, I can see , messing this guy up, to the point he shuts the hell up. I myself did a great job I thought of suppressing the outright rage that I and the Knytes had over some idiots in Mountain Home Idaho a few years back. I've never seen that kind of hate thrown back at someone they said was racist and all , when they were doing the hating, and just egging something on. The club flat wanted to take a short trip to that medium sized community, and tear these people a new one. Even when one kept calling me out, the prick never showed , and decided to hide. I had the pipe, knife and gun ready and I was ready to use them. As such I did what I needed to do, remove myself from the situation, even if it meant getting called yellow. Same thing goes for many here in Evanston, keep pushing and someone's going to break. Not all have the self control and support I have. I chalk it up to Yankee stupid and leave it at that. Of course the fact that every Knyte and Wolf-Pack member sports a Confederate battle flag on their rides and on our bodies, means we align with our southern brethren. I thought it very interesting that Ben Jones aka on TV Cooter, was the feature guest of MSNBC. On the issue of South Carolina, keeping a battle flag on their community building as one Black American person as a symbol of hate. I remember a few years ago, a black American recited the poem , I am their flag at a SOCV rally. There are those informed and educated as to what that flag, we honor means, and there are others that want to play the race card. I for one think too, all too many want to play that race card when it suits them, they get a 15 or so minute of fame , cut a book and speaking contract with a major news source like FoX or MSNBC and after awhile they vanish. The youth who committed this crime was wrong no doubt. Killing innocent people is also wrong, but the public heckling one gets online can drive a person to do such things. I'd like to see some attention gave to stopping online heckling and bullying. Cut down the fuel you extinguish the fire. However over the last few days, our Confederate brethren have all came back out from under their shells yelling stop the Confederacy bashing, I too have said enough is enough on the air and will say here again, stop it. But its like this Beaver Dick, that screen name ought to tell you how miss aligned this guy is, wants to keep pushing. He lives for the hours he can watch our vid radio show then bitch afterwerds on the same site. I myself I can let it roll off my back, yet there might be a Knyte and especially a Knyte of our Honor Guard, that just might track down this Beaver Dick, and feed him his dick, right in his neck after they behead him. My advice? Don't push dude. I can remember once speaking of our lost Knyte and another founding club member. We were at the Flying J Cafe when there was one in Boise. There was one young punk, that kept heckling Dennie and myself, and a gal we all were friends with. While the heckler wasn't killed, after he mentioned he couldn't hear Bro, he did leave with a reason not too, one ear carved off his head by big knife. Bro hated hecklers and backed that up. Strange we never got heckled there again. The Knytes and AyreWolvez have never been racist, we welcome new able to be members and pledges from all ethnic groups except for Musslims we wont let them in for nothing we do draw the line, but we also draw the line on allowing people in based on character and loyalty factors, not just because of their skin color or race. Our Sub Charter in Blackfoot Idaho has as its President a Mexican American. He's one of my best friends. I have seen Videl go against his own race in defense of the club, its a loyalty thing , not a race thing. I have more on this, but I need to get ready for tonight's HazzardAyre show, but in closing yes I can sort of see this youths point, get heckled enough your going to break. You lash out, was it wrong? Sure, but lets get off the fact of our battle flag, and all of that lets look at how we stop online bullying and urging, then such things wont happen.