Thursday, June 4, 2015

Just what did the Dukes of Hazzard give us and what did we learn from that series

When people ask me why I still cling to the Dukes and all of Hazzard County, since there has never been much if anything money wise donated by the show to the Knytes and/or me, dig this; name any, and I mean ANY TV show's cast showing up to ones moms death in the middle of Idaho? The Dukes cast did for me, but it goes much deeper than that. Every fiber in my soul cries Hazzard County, the adventures were what I and my pals in the Knytes lived every day, and in much the same way I still do today. Everything I do every day is to enhance what the producers envisioned of that series. Before the Dukes, many northern Yankees had little if any interest in NASCAR. Oh sure CBS ran the major races, but the popularity of NASCAR today can be attributed to what we saw when the old General took to major race tracks, that Bo & Luke Duke's biggest dream was to be NASCAR fans. Think of Burt Renyolds and Gomer Pyle as Bo & Luke Duke, Burt (The Bandit) being Bo, and Gomer being Luke. Stroker Ace was a show brought to light through the mind of Hal Needham, who also produced the movie Smokey and The Bandit. You saw a full ego race driver and a Crew chief in Gomer and in many cases Luke, although good old Crazy Cooter that I emulate today in real life as I do what Cooter did on TV. Of course, Kountry living is something the Dukes gave us, plus in the Hollywood scene opened doors for then just budding stars, the list is way too long. Did you know that WWII Ace pilot Greg Boyington, also appeared on the Dukes? Did you know Boss Hogg appeared on Black Sheep Squadron? Did you know that Lt. Commander 1st officer Star Trek Next Generation star, was one of the lovers of Daisy Duke on two episodes of the Dukes? Riker was Boss Hogg's nephew, when they was making counterfeit cash on that series, I put my two suggestions in and were adopted. There was the creation of something called the Hazzard County Syndicate, and its base was called the Grits Connection. I was introduced to the Dukes, long before I got my General Lee. My 5th Cousin in real life Richie Montgomery, who played the radio jock at WHOGG AM 1090 Hazzard County's main radio station, came up to Idaho from California and wanted some tips on being a radio jock. Equipment people also inspected the gear I had, and duplicated much of it, on set. Hazzard County runs deep inside of me, but I wished that the producers namely Gy, would've dug deeper into Hazzard rather than so much Dukes. Which is something we are doing in creating our series Hazzard County CSA. Going into more of Hazzard County rather than so much Dukes, no disrespect to either , and for those that say NOBODY liked the other Duke Cousins, I did and so did many others. Imagine if you will a series that brought the idea out of other actors in as Coy and Vance Duke and took Hazzard County into new directions with different actors playing the other Duke Cousins? Bring in the other hot rod of Hazzard County, either double 0 or Lee's right hand man General Jackson. Remember the only southern General honored besides name of the Charger was StoneWall Jackson. Remember the episode that had Bo & Luke bring back the sword of Stonwall, for General Jackson Day? They never had a General Robert E Lee Day. If truth be known the General should have been named Traveler, which was Gen' Lee's horse' name. BTW, it was named that in the original  pilot movie MoonRunners. Oh and Cooter was a part of the Sydicate, not the good guy mechanic that Cooter became in the Dukes. 
We also took from that series, kindness, that its not bad to love Jesus Christ, that its not wrong to fight for a cause, that loving your fellow person no matter their age or color or creed that all were equal. This message was driven home every Friday at 7:00PM Mountain Standard Time. While Ben, Alma , Tracey and every body else is busy making or trying to use the series to make a living, The Knytes-of-Anarchy is busy keeping alive and honoring the legacy of a creation, that the critics said would never make it past the first commercial. Who's laughing now. Last, imagine a movie that took the best of what the Dukes was, the best of what Son's of Anarchy still is, even now a long gone series, combined those two ideas and you'd have one killer TV pilot. We call it the Hazzard County Knytes(aka Knytes-of-Anarchy). 
That's what The Dukes-of-Hazzard gave us, and why the Knytes still work to preserve.