Friday, June 5, 2015

No I don't know Everything, nor do I say I do

Again to the hecklers that seem to just thrive giving me jive about the wrong that I at times do on and about HazzardAyre Radio. The real come back is that I say to anyone that says can't you make that better? I would if I could. One must understand I have mucho money coming out of my pocket each month. I have to bust my ass more and more everyday just to keep my head above water. Yes thanks Obama. The club supports the station normally, except for one thing, after three shots they pretty much have said, hey once you prove its worth again, we'll be back in. So I have to pay for 80% of the ops for HazzardAyre. Sure I'd like to go on a buying spree for HazzardAyre, but what I have will do for now. See I do business like my Dad and Mom did. Oh sure towards the end of their lives they had credit cards, but only for expenses while Dad was rolling these Interstates hauling cattle. Before that, Dad would build what he needed on that 300 acre farm, that was subjectively taken away from me in 1984. Then once again, in 1999 by my cousin Bud. See my cousin Bud although at the last mile of the Foundation's life, Bud invested in a gig with my Cousin Gordon, to create AyreWolf Aviation. But even before Cousin Bud had to buy an annuity rather than when I wanted to buy a $100,000 home/shop/toew service in Price Utah in 1998. No we couldn't do that, but we could spend money on a long term payout rather than buying me something that could sustain life.
Now then there's this DickHead(Beaver Dick) on my radio web site, through Livestream. He criticizes me for my old tow equipment, the lack of investment in the station, and all of that. Instead of criticize, he and many should cheer. Why? Simple, I'm one for gaining financial altitude, so I can get off the SSI, church assistance, EBT card train. I want to be making my own money. I don't want to keep sucking off the hind teat of the government etc. But until I can get there, I have to rely on such helping sources. But I don't want to be a bum. If more did this, then others and this nation, would have better productivity, employment increases and tax revenue increases. And our city, county, state, and USA governments could invest more in infrastructure. No all I get is people who will not help, find fault and just complain because their lives are so messed up. Like I said, if your not part of the solution, your the problem, lead follow or get the fuck out of my and the Knyte's way. It's not that I completely say no guys in studio, but only one has jumped in, and he left on his own, as he was not of the biker/trucker/aviator, gearhead community. So Beaver Dick, become part or just shut the fuck up.
I don't know everything on radio. Some engineering things escape me, simple things, like uploading to YouTube I don't know. I can't make a pancake to save my hunger, I can't make much eating wise myself unless it has heat in microwave, on the label, I can't speak well with ladies, and there is much more. But I don't allow my limitations, limit my enthusiasm, nor am I willing to just stay home , collecting Government money watch TV and not do anything. I take risks in hopes I can land on something to put money in my pocket. And underwear thats so holy they need to be recycled and buy new. Let alone, go to NAB, Go to the California Tow Show, just build scoots, and toew. Sure LexiBelle is  37 years old, but there's a newer rollback that I'm eyeing, and once Nate fixes that it'll be mine. I have a Navistar 4400 with a Holmes 600R on order, and that's the short form. I'm busting my ass for community and the club and/or both. So hecklers do all the bytching ya'll want, I keep working and you get drunk with your welfare money.
I'd rather work for mine.