Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Any body want a job?

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So Rick and Jeff comes over sezz, ya’ll wanna go snag a brew , bring in the new year? I said WTF, and went. So I’m sitting there on my stool, not wanting yet to intermix, don’t get me wrong, recruiting for talent for the club’s eye candy projects is one thing, those come over(well most of the time) do the gig, and split. No shake down or pecker trails to be found. However on a personal level I’m as shy as a turtle, all I want is my brew something I can lip sync with on TV, and some food. I could not go up to a hot gal, and say anything if my life depended on it. Sounds funny don’t it? But its true, professionally I’m as cocky as a prize fighter, but on a up close and personal basis, they need to approach me, then the ice can be broken. So this one gal about a 7, comes by looks first, then turns up her nose.  I think she’s stuck up, naw, Rick sezz, bro you stink. Okay so true I need to do laundry. Its not a matter of lazy or poor, its when have I had time? More over going to the public washing place, I can’t handle boo-whoo whoo, for very long before I get up say shut the kid up get in a fight so, I been looking for a simple housekeeper. One was real good, I had a point last year when even though I wanted to pay her, she hadn’t left me her hours, or how to get in touch to pay her. I’m good, but I ain’t God, or a warlock, I can’t just wave my hand and boom there she is. Then I had another, that flat lied to me, tried to rip me off for much more than her housekeeping wages. Hey the club and I pay a damn good wage for honest good work, but don’t try to stiff us. That just piss’s us off then its adios sister see ya’ll round the galaxy.

So in the AM if I can going to sneak off to get some fresh smelling threads. But if there’s any body out there, not too sweet but a good attitude, honest and needs a job douching out the club house here. Ya’ll know how to get in touch.

More on the overnight got to get back on air, but Happy new year ya’llHAPPY NEW YEAR


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Quote of the Day:
I not only use all the brains I have but all that I can borrow.
--Thomas Woodrow Wilson
2 Corinthians 5:17“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

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At the end of another grand fracking day in Tragic Valley, Idaho. Only good thing that happened today was some honey came over to interview for a pin up talent spot, that I think has potential, but the question now is will she return? Will she be responsive? And will she have the enthusiasm for real as she had as when she interviewed here. She forgot to leave a phone number but here’s the part reason, my next door neighbor got into a dick waving contest with our new talents guy pal, don’t know why, but there is a growing problem here that I’m putting under the knife for 2014. The office here will be way the hell up Addison, as for me my fat little butt is going to be in Utah. I’m hoping I can train our new talent in a month, because as I told her, the only times I want to be in Twin Falls or forking Idaho after I move to Utah, is to do a shoot, photo session, or if the damn office is burning down. Besides that communication between me and Idaho will be through two people Erin, our Miss Nurse GoodBody and our new pin up poster gal. Past that I’m flat tired. Every damn time the club, or myself start crawling out of a pit some jackass has to stick their nose in it. Sure I’m sick of CraigsList postings for our needed talent, but where do you call or go in Twin Falls for talent otherwise, THERE IS NO DAMN MODEL/TALENT AGENCY in TWEAKER FLATTS. NO None. It’s taken what a year and a half just to find one with some spirit, but history has taught me not to get all excited. Since she ain’t here, until she’s here, for longer than 2 hours. Our gig is not a come in shoot forget. It’s a learned gig, and one that is more than a spot model job but a doorway into a career. Better than working at Jimmy Johns.

But getting all of this in a limited view, and narrow focused community is about like putting socks on a rooster, sure you’ll get it done, but it’s a real mess trying.

Sure I know certain people are going to throw a hissy fit, over us rolling a talent call again, even worse getting some on board. But they do not know all the people involved now. So its don’t open your mouth to spite your face until you know everything . I know Charlie’s better half is going to throw a fit too, but shit in a month or so, my ass is outta here so, I really do not care. I’m getting this done. The motto of both a Marine and a Confederate, and together a Confederate Marine, means we don’t know the word no, or can’t or quit. Its called Hazzard County tenacity. As long as I’m not doing grab ass, I ain’t breaking no judicial law.

So I sent our new gal an email to retrieve her phone number and set a time on New Years Day for a stop and go meet, but no response. Will she? Hope so, but I ain’t chasing after her. She knows the gig, if she wants it, she’ll show and tell. If not oh well, when we begin shooting video come spring with pro models and talent, she’ll be here.

22:00 hours, two more hours and and I don’t care if it is the end of this dorking year, and the beginning of another, since the beginning of 2014 isn’t going to be much different, than 13 was, but after February it will be a new year.

Until we truck the cyber slab, in 2014 keep it trucking on all 18 and try not to miss too many gears.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
If misery loves company, misery has company enough.
--Henry David Thoreau
2 Corinthians 5:17“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

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tHe eVe Is UpoN Us.


The eVe is Upon Us. It is New Years Eve and like many I have been reflecting on the past year. And it has been one that I’m truly loving to see in my rear view mirror.

2013 started off like crap. First Charlie’s better half was all bent out of shape about the club using the apartment here for a club house for the MC. Then in February came the tirade over auditioning on air talent and eye candy for pin ups, calendars and all the rest. What started Jenn being piss’d was some gal Jenn knew auditioned we turned her down and this Jenn was piss’d. Since then the bridges have been rebuilt and she knows the MC a bit better so there’s no more of a problem, but it was a no thrill ride for the first 4 months of the year. Then came April, we thought for damn sure we had the old Hot Rocx bar here in Twin Falls from which we could bring the Reaper Club from off TV into real life. Just as we were about finalize on that the old bag in Burley who owns the property renigged so, that went in the manure pile. The price was right and a search is ongoing now for another space if nothing more than to save face , but hey why say yes when you mean no. When it comes to crap like that, ya’ll know a woman is in charge.

August came and AyreWolf Aviation was flying fighting fires over 80 % of the northern Idaho Mountains, some with some heavy Hollywood A list stars properties being threatened. Since I couldn’t be in the cockpit, I was running supplies between there at four base camps and Twin Falls as well as Boise. At the same time organizing everything to get ready to file on the FCC LPFM window, by October. In that I was able to secure Cable-One Internet, which no matter the claim is no where near the claim. 70megz my ass, 70 down maybe and that’s on a good night at 02:30 hours, when most of the none truckin population is in bed. But it ain’t 70mgz up, 2 to 4 mgz if your really blessed. So I dumped them, and would not pay the bill, they did not deliver what they promised or what they advertised. No how no way. But at least the peanut gallery here kept the cable hooked up so I could get this years season of SOA, and American Horror Story/Coven on tape.

November came and we missed the filing date for the FCC LPFM, but were told a full power station could be filed on mid June, but we’d have to have all our ducks in line or the Feds would upchuck it. So we got through. Thanksgiving came and although grateful, for the invite to Charlies for supper Thanksgiving Dinner, I felt like a 5th wheel. So December finally came. Did three escort runs for A1, thought I had this in the bag but never happened at least continuously , then came the big blow out at the MC, the main President was killed an an accident, could not tend with operations of the club, and an emergency election came. The result? New President of the MC, his first order, get the MC out of Twin Falls. It’s not the rich field to plant the seeds of the club. So we began searching Utah. Since the MC’s Prezz lives there it made sense. Now understand Utah has more properties under $600.00 a month than anywhere just about in Idaho.

Which brings us to the close of 2013.

The new year will find a district office that will be staffed by one of our pin up talents. I myself as of February 1st will be living in Utah, with the entire Hazzard Syndicates office there. With the resources to make not only that main Charter’s operation richer , but will help to expand the Tragic Valley’s sub charter. 2014 will see HazzardAyre running full force, plus many of the restrictions and troubles rendered useless.

Until L8R

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Quote of the Day:
Women like silent men. They think they're listening.
--Marcel Archard
Isaiah 43:16, 18-19“This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

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Monday, December 30, 2013

We can do better than that and that’s why we are.


So I’m on the air here, had a family emergency so the afternoon guy was not able to be here so I’m pulling a double air shift, thank goodness I ain’t got to talk much.

So was tuned into a lecture from Dixie Broadcasting and up came a promo for a SOCV Coffee Camp, when I tried to get to it, found a 404 kaput notice, link don’t work, so I thought we can do better than this. Which is part of the delay for launching our operation. Before I get to that, understand I have the highest degree of admiration and praise to Ray and his crew there at WDXB and all. His bringing to the mass’s and us bringing it to you via his web site, over our network, but Ray has done a phenomenal job. Its been said that the highest compliment is imitation, but we’re not just imitating, but taking what he’s doing, mix in a bit of Hazzard County spirit, along with rebel fight the system attitude, and rolling it out. When we accept an advertiser, they are fully screened. I want and demand their claims are true, that their website if they have one really works and no unseen or hidden charges. Then and only then do we put em on air. Now considering our ad rates are more than competitive is an understatement. The fact that it takes no more effort or outgo in money for me to push the button once or a 100 times , means for a flat rate of $100.00 a month, no extra fees, no extra charges, that advertiser gets on the air as many times as a day will allow. This enables the small business person to be able to advertise , rather than just the few with deep and deeper pockets. Radio itself is undergoing a tremendous change. The medium is growing from terrestrial or over the air, to online and on demand radio. We are taking that on with a fever. I think right now that we have a great team, with Richie, Eli, on board, 2014 will be the year that HazzardAyre Radio goes up and kicks butt on all comers and challengers. We’ll move from just syndication and piping to AFRN to the rest of the public. It means a global market rather than just here in the Tragic Valley of Idaho. But as its that time of day and our evening shift kicks in, I go to resting some. Have a interview with a potential eye candy pin up , so will be just pushing buttons. But overnight we’re kicking butt.

Until then, See ya’ll on the radio.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.
--George Carlin
John 16:33““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.””

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AIRWOLF MUSIC by original Cast & Crew on the new Airwolf Documentary (+p...

Stern Show Christmas Shuffle

I woke up this morning but I’m going back to bed


I woke up this morning not trying to clear my mind, more like holding my head.

I had one of those mysterious nights. The first came when I sat up nearly, in my sleep, reminiscing of the days of living with cousin Bud. I felt he was looking in on me, and I could hear his foot steps on the carpet. Thing is cousin Bud has been dead for 6 months. Now this could just be a farce of my imaginary subconscious or it could be that for some odd reason the double crossing no a count, prick that was entrusted with the money of my Mom & Dad’s sweat and mine as well, improperly invested it, squandered most of it, and is why I’m in the mess I’m in today. The remembering of the first go around of taking $80,k and buying a place in Price Utah once, would have gave me economic security today. Or the shot that rebuying the place near Hazzard, when we easily could have, even on a contract, would have been preferable to having to suck off the guvernmint hind teat today. The only damn thing cousin Bud did right in my opinion was allowing the last few hundred thousand bucks and some relics of aircraft of my Dad’ to become AyreWolf Aviation. So any kind of emotional feelings outside of pure anger although I forgive, but still angry is my feeling for Bud, and yet there he was. I think. Then once I got my mind unwound from that and it took a bit to do that, I started having and I don’t call em dreams, as dreams are wishes my heart makes, and neither is any of this, but I started looking at my XYL Janice. From the word go that wasn’t a very solid relationship. First there was the incident over my co-anchor on the air Robin, Jan did not like Robin one bit or very little. The first complaint Jan had against Robin , is I bought Robin some fashion shoes with the lace that foamed around the ankle. Jan was tee-owed. Jan’ reasoning was I never bought her shoes, no but I sure as hell bought her kids a bunch of shoes and threads on the opening act. Then there was the hot bod in Clearfield , Debbie, who I gleaned from research into 1-900 numbers. This Debbie remains in my mind as she was the only gal in my life, that made me orgasm twice in an hour. That never happened with anyone except Deb, the fact that Deb bought me steak and lobster and all, if I’d have been smart, I would have dumped her right then. Then there was the thing of the final stage in Bountiful, hey I needed to get some physical contact Jan weren’t getting it done, so hey I did. If I’d have been smart, I’d have stayed right there in Montpelier, worked my business and forgot about her. Including her maladjusted children.

But why I was thinking of these two I’ll never know.

Okay then, a new week begins.

The Knytes had a very serious weekend Sunday meeting here. Decisions were made and I’m thinking good, but need some tweaking and need to be thought out more. But for the short term, the club is at the point of doing the office/studio in Ogden, establishing HazzardAyre Radio and all there. While trying to save some face and not look like a whipped beta wolf running away with tail between our legs. Getting a office at least if not another sight for a club house, if nothing else. Hey the first 10 as it really is, were here in this shitty little valley. Initially the thought was both Buhl, and Hazzard itself and that’s still on the boards, but I saw something up on Addison next to Smith’s that just might fill the bill. In either case, I made up my mind to get in gear and get, me out of here right after the 10th or so of February. There is nothing left at least for me personally. I thought maybe a lead or two on a personal SheWolf was going, but one can’t be bothered to really being one and taking the first step on coming down to Twin, to meet. Something about her car not running good enough for a long road trip. Here’s that definition. I pay to bring her down here , that’s that explanation. Thing is I ain’t.

As far as family here in the valley , sure I have some distant kin folk over near Hazzard, but the only time I hear from them is when something is not humming right at the transmitter tower site there next to their crop land.

The next thing the club brought up is this guy whose parading around in a TV show Cut.(Biker Vest) , with the SOA reaper and all on it. First the club is looking at suing the dealers and distributors of these TV show knock-off’s , next stripping this cut from the guy wearing it. Sure it’s a great thing to wear a T shirt or something from your fave TV show, but when you wear a MC , Cut, that you did not earn, that you were not voted to be patched into, your asking for trouble. Real trouble. I myself really , I’m a bit easier going, but there are our members and rival club members not as understanding. They just asoon shoot, stab or otherwords eradicate anybody not of the club wearing anything of the club. That’s another one of those little things that differs between us and the Dukes. The Dukes-of-Hazzard is for many a TV show for us it has deeper meaning, but overall it’s a TV show. Wearing stuff from that TV show, nobody cares. The biker community, of which I’m proud and honored to be part of, but our community, is one that holds true to symbolism, traditions, honor, and pride. You go wearing stuff that you didn’t earn the right to, or are challenged by a rival club and there are two others here, Brother Speed, and Hell’s Angels are here as well. We each mind our own stores and hold church in our own ways, we respect territories, and don’t clash. But let a none member wearing a Cut, slip in, that person is deemed to be killed, or exterminated.

Any mile it was a great meeting, I’m still hungover from it, so its three Goody’s and about 3 or so more hours in bed.

L8R Ya’ll , keep it up on two wheels.

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Quote of the Day:
It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
--Herman Melville
John 16:33““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.””

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Are we the only ones getting things going?


Every day I open my email inbox. I get requests from people to be new hires here at HazzardAyre. Problem is most have no idea of how to even be a radio personality. There’s a vast wide separation of those who are button pushing DJ’s and radio personalities. Over the last 40 plus years that I have been in broadcasting I can count maybe 10 people that are close to that label, and only 4 that truly are radio personalities. Those 4, are of course, starting with my idol, Robert Smith, to you he is WolfMan Jack. His segueing between records, comedy and just making all tuned in feel better about life, and get together with that special gal was ultimate. The next was a comedy jock named Dr. Demento. His comedy yes a lot racy , but really funny. Next, Um whah. I pushed the edge of censors, and bigots and said you say she don’t I know she do and I’m reporting on it. Playing full albums without NO commercial breaks, looking into the cabs of trucks, in the bedrooms of those teeny boppers through their radio, and so on, I got good, grew out of this market went to California, then Arizona, and back here to Idaho, simply because I got the hots, for a tight twat, that thought she could use me for cover for her escape from the law with her ah cousin(fiancĂ©) . But when I move , its not just me, its three companies that need moved. That’s why I’m heeding the divine warning. Move HazzardAyre to Ogden , and yes I’ll let Laura at Comcast know on Monday, but I stay here residence wise, commute between, keep DixieWolf Toewing here in Twin Falls, and in May or June, then move should I need, to. But I’m getting off center here. The Knytes/AyreWolvez, will be outsource hiring of just under 300 new employees, between Idaho Falls, Boise, and here in the tragic valley. AyreWolf Aviation will be hiring 20 new hires, in 2014, and that’s the short list. Many of our jobs start double minimum wage, right at $20.00 as a base pay check. Add to that the Hazzard County Mini Nationals here in Filer at the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds, the AyreWolvez AyreShow, in Blackfoot in mid 2015 all done on the club’s dollars, no Travel council or other grants, and yet I see its always just us, and wonder why its just us, all the time. Friend of mine and one of only 4 lady patched club members over in Gooding is rolling out doing massage with these new essential oils. That sounds like one hell of a out of body experience. One of her friends is heading this up, thing is , if both of them took the time to truck over here to Twin , they could be doing duty in the clubs office here. Yes we are going office, news of where, Monday night. Again are we the only ones doing anything. Are we as Knytes of Anarchy the only ones that are real, and progressive? The answer is no, but here in the Mountain West , yes. If you want to understand our leadership, and politics, look up Sons of Confederate Veterans, like wise tune into online, our partner radio station, www.dixiebroadcasting.com

Any way , then I get this gal from Boise, something about her car not running well enough to come to Twin Falls. The gal says she is curious about ye old Wolf here, if she wants the old Wolf she needs to come see me, not the other way around.

Sure her pic is of a of age woman, but how the hell do you know, it might be some teen looking for an escape, it might be a undercover cop looking to catch someone , simply for looking for a mate online. Naw I have heard a thousand times of guys going up to Boise, Nampa and that area, you pull up to McDonalds to meet your gal, and your surrounded by cops, and your nose is on the tarmac. Bullshit, I got way too much to loose,.AyreWolf Aviation just got some serious money plugged in over the weekend, and will be building a facility at the Gooding County Airport. We are expanding to not only farm chemical application aviation, but to building and rebuilding military warbirds, from nose to tail including avionics. Of course DixieWolf Toewing, coming in behind that, and a taxi cab company in Burley. All of which means, I’ll be damned if I’m going to Boise on a meet and greet of a maybe baby personal SheWolf, only to be looking at the fuzz. Bulls breath. I’m going back to school in May both for regaining my pilots license and upgrades of my earned ratings, hey I’m using my Marine benefits. In short by the end of 2016 if not before, it’s my goal, to be able to tell SSI, thanks but no thanks don’t need you no more. To tell IDH&W bullshit. More over whether its Sherry or someone I meet at Salt Lake Community College, while getting back in the air, and getting my MBA in Business in management and marketing, I plan on being in a nice home with a good woman, so Sherry or whoever, you want a real male or a wimped out geek? I’m the real male.Oh and yes I really deliver.

Any flyte, calling an early night see me on the radio in the morning.

L8R Aviators,


Quote of the Day:
He who does not prefer exile to slavery is not free by any measure of freedom, truth and duty.
--Kahlil Gibran
John 14:1-3“[Jesus Comforts His Disciples] “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

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I may be thee: Highway Hooker , but I don’t do cold.

HAZZARDAYRE TAG 1stinky truth toew notes

Thank you for a great show last night without ya’ll I could never do it.

Every night I squeeze myself into this truck seat, turn on this console and jump inside your radio. As your trucking and toewing loads and toews, we are together, but are we completely together? Many of you will say yes, but do not just blindly follow me, or the Knytes and our pitches of southern independence. Go to the Southern Liberty Store, and buy the recordings of the lectures and study materials. Then pray about it, you’ll start seeing things from a much different place.

Okay then, pop promotion. This is a place where the club and HazzardAyre has lost ground, if it even was there in the first place. The reason I bring this up and why we must start shaking a tree, besides the relocation of HazzardAyre’s HQ, from Twin Falls to Ogden, we also have two events coming up on us. There’s some choices, but one is not even been extended to us, and that is from KMVT and AgriAction. Granted it’s a great farm show, AyreWolf Aviation has wanted a booth there for many years, but the last time we got involved, there was a big , I mean BIG , Latham emergency as they called it, $2,500.00 was paid, never refunded. And the fuss has made it to where that’s not a battlefield we need to be in. Be that as it may be. The Boise Roadster Show, the Utah AutoRama, and the Utah, Business-to-Business Expo, will come late February, early March. While I haven’t heard of a member going taking a rig, bike or rod there, still if we were to have a table or booth there at one or two of these, spotlighting HazzardAyre, it could generate some contacts and that means money. So we really need to go find a honey or two, do up some good still photos, and get em on giveaways, like , mousepads, cups etc. Anything with the name on em. We might even get a calendar done, if we get this shot and out to PCS . Of course, while not an exhibitor still as an attendee , I think it’d be sharp for myself and one other wing person to go with, to Vegas to NAB, this year. Sometimes you can talk some vendors in delivering a product or two to test.

Any way just wanted to roll this out this morning, thanx again for supporting the club and me by tuning into HazzardAyre.

After I catch some sleep, I’ll get into some other serious thoughts. Be looking for that around 15:00(3:00PM) MST.

Until then truck em easy.


Quote of the Day:
There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.
--George Santayana
John 14:1-3“[Jesus Comforts His Disciples] “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

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Saturday, December 28, 2013


No longer holding my head, just worshiping porcelain.

new hazzardayre coverhazzardayre overknyte

As I get ready to fyre up the box tonight to venture forth on this excursion that could easily be called Coast to Coast FM, but formally HazzardAyre, I am once happy the studio, is here in the house. Since last night , my brain has drained where its not as tender although anything too stressful I’m avoiding. But the chili I bought has long since become sewage going somewhere. Since about 18:00 hours, nothing stays down but hey the show must go on.

I’m now reflecting of what happened all last night. Funny still never got my wick wet, but hey its Tweaker Flatts and western Idaho. After all the gals don’t want their pastors and Bishops to know they were out partying of Friday.

The fashion trend that we keep fighting for is about 70% on, and less off. But the off part is what we’re trying to cure. Its not so much a thing of sexual alluring, its more about fashion class and self esteem. The very first, thing I notice always when I first enter a bar or similar establishment outside of corner dives, is how many gals are wearing skirts, or at least nylons under their pants. The fact that some gal took the time to go to the trouble of wearing stockings means she cares about her stuff, is proud of her curves and not ashamed of it. It’s a known fact the wearing of stockings or hosiery is for us male corpuscles. It wasn’t that way years ago. Pantyhose was worn for fashion sense yes, but Pantyhose was also a way most women could suck in all those extra pounds, and veins,. Today, spanx and such does that, even these phytness body suits. Makes you wonder how much of a bad surprise it is when he gets her home and she pulls all of that off, that it all plops out like biscuit dough from that Pillsbury roll. At least with stockings even pantyhose at least access to what we all like to begin with, can be gained through a pair of small scissors and removal of that cotton panel.

The next thing I noticed from last night was all the empty lines that all too many guys were barking out. Have you ever noticed that in just about any bar the hottest gals in there are the ones working there? From the gal mixing drinks to the servers, the real take em home and play, is the employees. Which is a near mission impossible, since they have heard every come on line and every invite lie out there. Not saying it can’t happen, but basically speaking its so rare, that it borders a press conference when it does. It’s like taking home a gal from a skin bar, or bikini club, getting one of those hotties to go home with you rates up there with winning the lottery. Slim and none.

Was looking over the ideas of the designs for the new studios in Ogden for HazzardAyre. We already have a good mixer, broadcast mic although a powered one would be good, two cassette decks etc , and our cd players. But for aesthetics sake and just my own nostalgia, I’d like to have one of those old of course inside rebuilt, but I’d like to have an old GATES console. Rotary pots, lever switches , and those two big black boxed mounted right on the front VU meters. That warm glow late at nite on air can creates some real voodoo magic. Add to that, two racks, of Carts, and a vertical stacked three slot ITC Cart machine. Not only are these old skool tools great for quick items like intros, noises and bits, but they just look great on video, which HazzardAyre will be . As far as the fidelity that’s somewhat in the sky, but I love those old rigs. Add to that two big TEAC or SCULLY reel to reel open deck tape units, and that’s my studio. So I’m doing a bunch of EBay and other searches. When most big stations went computer and digital, most stations threw that stuff out, for those that didn’t and have some of this in a storage shed somewhere, I’d love to get a hold of it. Then of course and even tonight it’d be a gift and in a way I might just do that. But the only automation I want in this studio, and on our station is the pipeline importing Dixie Broadcasting. Past that the rest of the time I don’t want automation. I want someone at least preferably two in the studio live 24/7/365. A guy and a gal, broken up as 4 six hour shifts, 3 not including me and one gal rolling the highways and skyways overnight with me. That was one of the things that we demand at HazzardAyre, to get back to what made true real radio. I caught a thing in Radio Ink, the other day, about how there is a real decline to the quality of radio. Local radio. It’s a morning rush, afternoon if your lucky news hour, evening rush or drive. The rest of the time the studio is empty and just a satellite program being piped in. Real true all the time LIVE radio is nearly gone. The goal of HazzardAyre even though online as well in two years over the air, is to have LIVE people at all times in that studio. That way even if it is a 4 hour time difference between us and the east coast etc, no matter the time factor, if Joe Smoke in a rig at a truck stop in Portland Maine or Portland Oregon, if he emails, or calls in for a song request, he’ll get it. Not a no answer or voice mail saying call back tomorrow. Since the automated show is the only one playing. The personality gone home, and that trucker really is pissed thinking they really don’t care about me. I am one of a dwindling few that remembers, Charley Douglas, Dave Nemo, Bill Mack, the Truckin Bozo, and others. They kept their listeners there, because they were LIVE. At least for the first 4 hours of their 8 hour radio runs overnight, then it was just recorded and a rebroadcast of the first 4 hours. The idea of a 24/7/365 OTR truckers radio show is to warn of accidents , in climate weather etc. Entertain and inform, that was the goal. When our parent organization bought the remnants of both the Interstate Radio Network, and Utah’s JOC Radio, the foundation was and remains so to be the voice of the trucker, more over as it is today the Confederate Independent Truckers. Everyone it seems has went satellite, or such, FCC sheepskins are harder to come by. But the idea is to make sure that no trucker is left in the cold. No biker, ignored, no pilot flying deaf, and well, you get the idea, that’s the goal of HazzardAyre/Dixie-Diesel, Radio.

Any mile need to get off here and get ready to gain the altitudes of the airwaves, see ya’ll on the radio.


Quote of the Day:
School is a drill for the battle of life. If you fail in the drill you will fail in the battle.
--Karl G. Maeser
Matthew 11:28““Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

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